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3 years ago
4 stars


Hey good to see you guys on Weedmaps! I have been here a few times, always good service, huge Selection and I think pretty damn fair on the prices. They have no trouble picking out fat nugs which I always think is important...Also don’t mind mixing and matching different strains… So a solid place..recommend fo sure
2 years ago
3 stars

Good weed good vibes

This place is tight, but then you look at the prices of literally everything and you’re like hold up 🤣🤣 right next door magnolia sells some of the exact same products for like 40% less it’s actually comical. Regardless, if you’re rich and love good weed, which magnolia next door does not have, then definitely shop here.
3 years ago
2 stars

why use chemicals

it's still left in the taste. ruins the high when I inhale and an hit with a heaping plastic taste followed by instant sweats. trust me it don't matter what strain it is, if you know what you doing while growing it should taste like heaven always sorry.
2 years ago
1 star

Don’t buy the $100 ounce

It smells like trim from outdoor weed and is literally half stems. Very disappointed that they would even call this weed. This is pre run for distillate at best.