La Familia -White Chocolate Mazapan 100mg

Product description
Total THC99.9%

Buttery smooth with just a hint of almond goodness, our Marzapan chocolate is all of your childhood memories in a grown-up cannabis-infused package. The delicious mix of sugar, honey, and ground almonds is a versatile, worldly treat that is a staple in cultures around the globe. This simple candy is known to take many shapes and forms, from little edible animals and fruits to wedding cake toppers. Marzapan gets a make-over here in chocolate-bar form to give you a perfect, global take on a classic edible.


ChocolatesCreativeEnergeticEuphoricHigh DosageHybridLow DosageNuttyStay Productive
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3 reviews

16 days ago
5 stars

Best chocolate bar out there!

Hands down the most delicious chocolate edible I’ve tried! No cannabis aftertaste and the high is very chill and rewarding
2 years ago
5 stars

The best and last edible you will ever need.

First off I love the taste of these candies they are amazing and most importantly it doesnt taste like weed. If you have ever had Mexican candy this tastes authentic and for the quality you are getting it's worth it. I love edibles and these pack a punch.
1 year ago
5 stars

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