Dolphins Coffeeshop

Dolphins Coffeeshop

4.7 star average rating from 6 reviews
Southern Main Canals, Noord Holland
In-store purchases only
In-store purchases only



6 reviews

10 years ago
5 stars

last stop

real nice place. i like the waxpaper dolphin safe bags. more club should get on that. eco friendly is the way to go. i got the nothern lights. was amazing. was too crowded when i went. so i got it to go and went to a park.
3 years ago
5 stars

Queendetroit 🇺🇸

The best experience,primo meds and customer service above and beyond excellent
9 years ago
5 stars


always a pleasure to purchase some northern lights from here...was high as balls, chillen on the couches downstairs drinking coffee great music and a great bar
4 years ago
4.8 stars


the best coffeeshop in town for chilling . Very good muffins. place is amazing good vibes. staff only women ;)
11 years ago
4.2 stars

Cool theme

This place is pretty rad, has the whole underwater theme throughout. There are fishbowl lights and tanks all around. Its somewhat dingy but thats pretty common among these old shops. The bud quality is good, not the best. I would definitely recommend checking it out for the theme alone.
9 years ago
4 stars

love the vapes

Got some silver surfer in here and went straight to the vaporizers. I was high as a kite 10 minutes later. This place is soo cozy and is really sociable if you go with friends!