Divine Wellness Center

4.7 stars by 838 reviews
dispensary Canoga Park, CAmedical & recreational
(818) 888-4846
Closed10:00am - 8:00pm
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4.7 stars

Great shop, can use some work on customer service

I’ve been coming to Divine since 2016, and it’s always been my go-to when in the valley area.. I returned this last weekend after not coming for about a year; the interior is great and they have great buds; but the service could be better. They got a whole new staff, so no familiar faces.. The girl checking me in was extremely rude, didn’t even say hello or have a smile on her face.. The guy serving me was trying to push $60 eighths on me, when I asked for the Josh D - Ghost OG ($32 1/8th) he said they sold out, even though it was right in front of me... I understand you need to reach a quota, but when someone is asking for products in a $30 price range, why would you show them something that’s double the price ? Also, when describing the OGs, the ONLY word this dude used was ‘gassy’. This is a HUGE disappointment coming from Divine, this shop used to have the most educated bud tenders referring to each strain with their terpenes and effects, not ‘this is gassy’. Educate your staff!!


Divine is always a great experience! Thanks for all the great products and service! I get all my oil there and they are always stocked up. Definitely my go to spot.

Good Product, Bad Service

I used to come here all the time for the good prices, but left disappointed because of how crappy the service I ended up waiting 20 minutes for a single joint since the budtenders forgot about me waiting there and ended up helping people behind me in line.

Good weed. Service was questionable

FIRST TIME HERE. Walked in good experience at the front desk. Walked through the door. The budtender helping us out was really patient and showed us all the best stuff. Ended up with 8th of Baklava and some Marathon OG. Came to cashier presented the first Time blue ticket and he ended up charging us around 130$ including tax and all. I swiped thinking it was higher than usual. And he looked and said ohh you’re blue ticket!? He looked at the receipt and he’s like sorry about that I didn’t discount FTP. I’m thinking he’s gonna fix it but he looks at me and says sorry man you just lost out on your ftp. Took my ticket didn’t discount or anything. Lol wackiest service I’ve ever received from any store. Didn’t even offer to get someone else involved to fix it. Still paid the 130$ and bounced. Good bud. Experience wasn’t there in terms of customer service


Uneducated budtenders, terrible service, and horrible experience! I came in for a tincture for pain relief and they gave me a 30:1 cbd tincture which didn't help at all! when i came back to ask for what i needed they sent me away. Horrible service!

deleting my honest review!

This shop is super suss and manually delete honest reviews about their shitty service/place! Would not recommend to honest hard working people because their products are not lab tested and they don’t want people to find out!

Best Shop in SFV

If you think this spot is in a sketchy yiu better see the spots in Van nuys 😆 This play has hands down the prices and selections of products

Great big selection!

Had a positive time here. Walked into many smiling faces and beautiful decor. They have a huge selection of cartridges which I will be back to try out slowly slowly. I grabbed myself a raw garden and an aces, aces already being my top fav. I have fallen in love with raw garden. Quality you can taste. Can’t wait to try out the other highly rated brands they carry. Staff is super friendly and actually knowledgeable on their stock. Glad I came by, thanks guys!

Best shop PERIOD

Folks this shop absorbs the 15% excise tax which off the bat is amazing! In addition, they have the LOWEST prices around end of story! We can fight if you want ! Let’s start with Raw Garden at $32 every day! Base the price gouging of shops on what the charge for Raw garden! This place from day one has been it! Best selection of high end craft cannabis products there is. Change my mind !

Customer Service

I would like to say that this dispensary is hands down one of the best around the area, they deliver all the way to Thousand Oaks from Canoga and they acknowledge when they make a mistake and try to amend it instead of completely ignoring me and losing a customer, i will always be a customer here as long as they treat me as family, and as long as the manager stays manager 😂🤘 love that dude.

Deleted my review

Thought these cats were cool but I was wrong, they’re just like everyone else trying to make the most money without making the customer happy probably won’t be back after this experience of them wanting to charge $75 minimum. Now I’m inconvenienced to go somewhere else. I’m not even that far seriously like 3 bus stops away and you guys can’t even deliver without an insane minimum ? You lost my business that’s forsure ! Dude had the nerve to say oh you can just come in, well yeah kook I would come in if I wanted to but that’s not what I wanted. I needed a delivery urgently and you guys failed to do that thanks ! Shows what kind of business you guys run. All about the money and nothing else !

Great shop!

The selection of Fire trees and concentrates is untouchable. These guys carry the best products with great customer service. There is never a wait time to enter and access is easy. Thank you for carrying great products at good prices. Legit one of my fav shops around !


The sales rep recommended a strain, turned out to be old product that had gone from a nice yellow to a dark orange. The second day I smoked it, It kept making tongue numb. I called and told them about my experience. They told me to come in and they will take care of me. Drove 20 min to their shop for them to tell me that they had changed their mind and there was nothing they can do. I asked the manager if i should keep smoking it he said Yea, F*** IT. Shows how you can have low prices and still run a shitty business. Your service is only as good as the customers you screw.

Underrated selection and wonderful staff

I came in about 2 minutes before closing but everyone was so nice and still helped me out and didn’t give attitude or anything. Found exactly what i needed at a reasonable price. Definitely coming back soon

All the other dispensaries can go jump in ponds

I can’t name one thing I don’t love about this place. I have been to atrium and I always felt like I was wasting money and the weed the joints all useless... can u believe I almost bought my pen from there.... I drove on Vanowen and suddenly see a new billboard up saying divine wellness center to realiZe its a new dispensary! Omg the ambience is wonderful. It’s peaceful and not too big. The first visit we met Jerry that smiley guy and I didn’t realize he was a manager till maybe my 3rd visit. I wanted my guy to get stoned but with a high tolerance it wasn’t easy! I asked about certain flowers and I got honesty for the first time that it might not do the trick... do u think I ever got that from stupid atrium? Nope not even once... It’s not just Jerry tho his whole staff they are all on the same page always! It’s what got me to make my big purchase with them instead of maybe going 3diffrent places like I used to... my loyalty will always be with u guys cause u cover every desire...

Hidden Gem

Yo this is my spot!!!! Best flavs, best price forget about it. This is the place!

Best shop out there!

This place is truly the best. Top quality products. Everything tested and they have the best prices for concentrates and flower. They charge the lowest tax too out of all the shops I been to that are legit. Very professional and knowledgeable.

Couldn’t ask for better

What can I say. From the manager to security to the girl at the front desk top notch to top product, made me feel at home and I’m very disabled, tincultrue lady is awesome very helpful

best shop ever!!!

this place knows their stuff! every employee is so knowledgeable. they know their stuff! amazing prices!! quality over quantity. AND they really care about the patients most importantly! if u want the best shop this ones it.

Jose and Jerry always killing it!!

Love the atmosphere. Love the product. The boys stay taking care of you in the right way!