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3.5 stars by 13 reviews
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3.5 stars

Denver clone store

Top shelf on every level.Veteran friendly. Best cannabis product in the Denver metro. Need to get high,stop on by!


Each time I’ve stopped in at Denver Clone Store it has been a wonderful experience. Manny, Nick and the entire team are always rocking a great VIBE and they go out of their way to be incredibly helpful. Just great customer service all around. There is a nice variety of quality products in this shop and they are known for the deals they offer on their vast amount of premium clones. There are competitive prices and great deals here too. PUREVIBE highly recommends Denver Clone Store!
Grower Simpson


I really am sorry to have to write this. But this is in attempt to save the community around us. HOLY MOTHER OF MARY!!! THE CLONES WERE SO INFESTED WITH MITES!!!!!!!!!! There is no doubt in hell their whole shop is infested and will continue to be. If these were my clones I would want to kill myself. The fact this store even puts these in their shop for sale is a disgrace and slap in the face to anyone who goes into their store. This is what is wrong with marijuana shops. I would never buy anything from them. Their flowers are in the SAME ROOM AS THE MITES! THEY KNOWINGLY SELL INFESTED CLONES!!!!!Please for the sake of all the community in Denver, DO NOT BUY THEIR INFESTED CLONES. YOU ARE ONLY CLONING AN INFESTATION! Seriously these were not anywhere near passable. I went into the store and spent about 5 mins max, and got the HELL OUT OF THERE! I've never gone into a dispensary and not at least felt awkward for not buying something before leaving!!! NOT HERE! I even nicely told them they should not be selling these. Even though if this was a dude friend of mine, and he knowingly tried to sell me these, I would want to beat his face in! Not literally but many people know that feeling! Please boycott this store, there is no way anything in their store is sanitary! SAVE YOURSELF!!

Do NOT shop here

Made a huge purchase of clones from this location only to find MOST CLONES HAD NO ROOTs when called to relieve the situation they informed me it was a PH imbalance in my water how the fuck does a plant with no root even absorb water ? The master grower is apparently unaware of the proper way to take a cut . My clones were not replaced over 24 (no roots) and they did not refund me my money. Save your money don't spend it here

great people

had a great experience will be back every time

Great store

This place is awesome i only bought wax and shatter , i cant speak on the flower yet, ill definitely be back its small and quite no people standing behind you, cool people who answer your questions. Oh and probably the best wax ive found really good prices as well.

Not good at all

Bad weed. Don't bother.

Clones come with spider mites, free of charge...

I was looking to buy a few clones so I went to DCS because they had the strains I was looking for.. Two of the four plants were infested with spider mites. I started looking at older reviews and it looks like this has been a problem for Denver clone store for a while.

Real deal

The genetics seem alright, diesel smells a little chemy and the fruit pebbles has the berry smell to it. I got spider mites on my King Chem Kush clones. I've never seen them before, so it was a learning experience. Ladybugs are a wonderful thing, but now I know to expect mites from this store.


For a clone store they need to offer some healthy propagations. roots are barely showing on the level of Lacontes. waste of time

Denver Clone Store

The Denver Clone Store is a legit dispensary. The location on Federal has great buds for great prices. I got some "Sour OG" that not only looked aesthetically beautiful, but smoked well and tasted wonderful. Not overly drenched in chemicals like many dispensaries. I would highly recommend this dispensary to anyone.

Natalie is a good bud tender

she explained the flower and how it is gone and it smokes good .


OMG The Denver Clone Store I HAVEN'T SEEN FLOWER THIS GOOD IN DENVER IN A HOT MINUTE !!!! I just visited The Clone Store off off Ivy for the first time. My mind is blown at how amazing the quality of the FLOWER IS and how kind the staff is !!! What a wonderful experience. The staff is A+++, Veronica greeted me with a huge smile and made me feel welcomed and at home. It's not at every dispensary that you encounter someone who is excited to see you like Veronica was to me today at the front' It is a safe and comfortable environment. They have Rec. and Med. FLOWER and Edibles and Concentrates The prices are great and the flower is even better. I got an 1/8th of Golden Goat after Jose my budtender and I chatted for a second. Jose is awesome and he listened to what I had to say and gave great advice. he really knows his Flower and we could cut right to the chase. But had I not known as much as I do he would have explained to me in a non-overwhelming way making me want to buy and not over doing it. Jose made it feel like I was being taken care. This is hands down the best Golden Goat I have had in Denver. I have been living here for 6 yrs. Been to many dispensary's. It has the qualities of GG like I have never seen before and the high went straight to my head and put me in the most perfect state of Psychedelic/Cerebral/Uplifting high. The Denver Clone Store on Ivy is amazing and I will be going back !! 5 STARS ..... A +++