Delta 9 THC 21+

4.6 stars by 982 reviews
dispensary Wilmington, CAmedical & recreational
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4.6 stars

Longtime Satisfied Delta 9 Member

I have always liked this dispensary. They have given great customer service, at my last visit Bryce was very customer service oriented, and I have always appreciated their diverse staff, quality tested meds and donation tiers. The security and staff make me feel safe and secure. I am also leaving this comment because I am tired of seeing all the unwarranted trolling comments that have appeared ever since the recreational laws changed.


overprice , lowgrade weed. shop looked nice ......


Do you guys accept 20 year olds with valid Dr. recs

best spot ever

i always come back for the good prices and product, they have the best customer service! check it out let them know what your looking for and they will help you shout out delta9!!

This place is so great! I always come here they always have fresh weed and the product is always current and up to date awesome group of people !

Better to Go Elsewhere.

Use to come here as my go to shop but it’s taken a big decline. For starters they never update their weedmaps inventory to reflect what they actually have. Have messaged them a couple of times on a range of items that they claim to have and they don’t. Each time they say they’ll note it and update, but it happened repeatedly. Even if it’s listed as “Updated an Hour Ago” when you show up they don’t have it because they mysteriously sold out. When you tell them they ask when was it last updated (keep in mind they work there and are asking me when the site was last updated). When I tell them the time posted they say, “Oh. We must of sold out a day ago.” and just look at me. That was pretty much the description of last night after having to wait to even get in because of the three people before me that prevented anyone else from entering. And contrary to what is the standard reply of “we can recommend something else” that’s posted online they never do! The inventory of items in no way compares to competitors elsewhere who carry more choices to make up for inventory they don’t have. And they have a better and faster way of checking people in and out rather than having them wait around for the bud tenders who often don’t know much about the products other than “its good.” One time even when I was here this one kid who was clearly high was double charging me for some gummies. When he rang me up I told him I only got one bag of gummies and he looked at the screen with a blank stare. I showed him how to push the “-“ symbol to make the number 2 turn to a 1. Saw that guy once, but even after that I still gave them a chance. In short, I’m disappointed and won’t be coming back. With the rise of legal dispensaries throughout CA they’ve become like car dealers. Find yourself a better shop that works at keeping clientele in a more efficient way.

Good gas

Can’t get enough.

Beautiful People Crowd

l been here many times before they became legit . one thing is l always felt like l didnt belong because it felt like this place is only for Beautiful People Crowd. Well l was right . if your not a hipster or Beautiful vanity ego filled person you get ???? You can finish the sentence because l am out of here....


Talk about OVERPRICED!


Always satisfied never disappointed!

Old customer coming back

Im a old customer who started coming back cuz they still have good bud at good prices and good deals ... bomb wax and sauce... im gonna be heading back in tonight after work as a matrer of fact... i need some more sauce and flowers..

great deals with amazing wax

came here a few times already always have good wax for a great deal

Straight fire!!

Straight gas


the money you'll spend here will be mostly for the little stupid packages and when you pull out the weed prepare to be butt hurt

you suck

these prices are disgusting and I immediately turned around and went somewhere else. this place makes me want to go through the hassle of calling my old dealer that I don't even like.

Prices are Higher than their weed gets you

I know with most legit compliant store fronts prices will be higher due to the taxes but this place is just on another level! $45 for a half gram of Stiiizy is ludicrous (not the rapper)! Seriously, there’s no way they can sustain this business model of over charging your customers like a mofoOoo!!!

Simply Amazing

Everytime I come here I always get quality beautiful service very grateful to be a customer. From being greeted and welcomed by security to the knowledgeable budtenders. Herb is off the chain very patient one of a kind. Thankful I live closeby been to other shops but this one is A1. Thank you for the wonderful service positive vibes. Will be back soon. 😘

Dishonest employee's

Delta 9 THC 21+
Harbor City / Wilmington
We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced with pricing. We are happy to adjust the missed promotion on a particular visit, if you will, please bring the issue up to management so that we may review the transaction and make it right. Also, please be aware of our Daily Specials for more great ways to save, and ask about our awesome Referral Program! :-)
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best spot around hands down

best buds, no tax. what a spot will be back no doubt
Delta 9 THC 21+
Harbor City / Wilmington
Thanks for your positive review, Wazzu89! Show us this review for 5% off your next purchase :-)
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Consistently Stocked!

Oh Delta 9! This was like my very first dispensary way back in the day when they were in Torrance.. Before Weedmaps even.. Glad they are still around and they shop is still Top quality. You get what you pay for to those complaining about the prices.
Delta 9 THC 21+
Harbor City / Wilmington
Thank you for your review, Kakashi! We take pride in upholding the standard on legal, quality cannabis and are elated to hear that you've been with us from the start of it all. We appreciate you!
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