Durban Kush

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Total THC21.7%

"In sports, the super team is usually disliked by the masses. We want our best athletes to put a team of role players on their backs, and we’ll poop on any collection of superstars who’d rather win faster and easier by joining forces. If we felt that way about cannabis breeding, we’d never have Durban Kush.

A hybrid of Durban Poison and a Chem D and OG Kush cross, Durban Kush is the equivalent of a big three in basketball. But in every big three, at least one of the stars has to make significant sacrifices for the team’s best interest. Ray Allen did it for the Celtics. Chris Bosh did it for the Heat. So which one of Durban Kush’s big three takes a back seat for the greater good? That answer depends on the cut you get, but let it be known that the earthy funk of OG Kush takes a back seat to no strain, and it rarely does in this offspring, either. However, the Durban Kush I’ve come across does have varying levels of Durban Poison and Chem influences in its smell.

Despite its all-star lineage, Durban Kush is likely to stay stuck in the shadows of its more popular parents and has now reached the status of bypassed older sibling of Girl Scout Cookies — a cross of OG Kush and Durban Poison that has taken over commercial cannabis for the past six or seven years. It’s never been as popular as the more modern Girl Scout Cookies, and is still often confused with Durban Poison, thanks to the similar names. This is all relative, though, as Durban Kush has carved a sizable presence in Colorado." (The Westword

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