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4.0 stars by 23 reviews
dispensaryPittsburgh, Pennsylvaniamedical
(724) 276-0069
Closed10:00am - 6:00pm

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4 stars

Always on point

In and out like I like it. Their online ordering is set up perfect and everyone is always very helpful

Good staff bad pricing

The service at CY+ is good and fast what you would expect but on certain 8ths they charge $5 more an 8th than any other dispensaries in the area, parking near the store is non existent. Online ordering is convenient CY+ is my last option when picking a place in Pittsburgh to go to.

Strip District location

Staff was extremely rude at the door and not at all helpful. They did not even try to listen to what was going on with my card which was a mistake by the state which I had correspondence related to. Luckily every other dispensary in the area is more friendly and helpful and I am able to still get what I need. Choose anywhere else if friendly and helpful personnel is important to you. Here they treat you like a degenerate trying to scam the system. It's a sensitive enough process without some grumpy woman judging you at the door. After explaining in detail my correspondence with the state (regarding a system delay in updating to my married name which has been a non-issue everywhere else) she repeated verbatim the same thing she said when she initially described her issue with my card as if I was somehow unable to understand her the first time. She gave absolutely no regard to what I had said. I wish I could give 0 stars. I would definitely avoid if it is your first time or if you expect a person-first mentality in medical establishments like this one fails to be. They act as if they are selling recreational drugs to select consumers rather than medication to sick patients. Any place other than this will meet your needs for a high standard of care better. They understand the need for a person at the door is to be humanly helpful rather than an extension of a computer screening system. The woman at the door is a gross affront to the industry. They might as well just have a self check in if they are so unwilling to be helpful. It is such a shame that this is the type of representation CY has because I have really enjoyed their products and seemingly thoughtful representation for the wide range of patient needs. Obviously they are not actually the type of company that I thought. Maybe sensitivity training could help here. I know I will not be returning until there is evidence of dramatic change.

Love this place!

Very knowledgeable and professional. This facility actually takes your illness seriously and I feel comfortable going even when I am really sick. I find the location to be awesomely located and I appreciate the parking lot access. Great selection and help navigating through it. I definitely recommend.


This dispensary has the friendliest staff hands down.

Best dispensary

The staff are all super friendly and knowledgeable. The wait is never too long and they have a good selection of products! My fave by far.

Best dispensary around. Awesome environment, product, and people

Awful. Pathetic. Embarrassing.

Well, this is the only weed store I’ve ever been to that never has any weed. They offer 5-6 kinds of flower (HAHA) and always run out. The last time I was there, the girl told me high THC doesn’t mean anything. Excuse me... I’m the customer? Please sell me what I ask for. I’ve never met a grocer that said, “you know what? Broccoli doesn’t have as many vitamins as asparagus. You’re buying the wrong vegetable.” Sweetheart I’ve had my medical card in California since 2012 and I was just in LA last week. On the way out the door, after selling me top shelf at half your prices, they said hey do you want a free joint or a free dab? You see that’s what the culture should be, not the aggravation you’ve put me through. CY+ in the strip district has taken the most beautiful thing in the world, medical marijuana, and they’ve ruined it for all of us. I waited so many years for this to happen in PA and you crushed my dreams. If you go to this dispensary you simply have no respect for yourself.

great people, ok selection of flower

I love the staff, they are very cool folks. They give a 10% veterans discount which is very nice also. The flower selection is not stellar however. Bring a grower processor themselves, they shouldn't ever run out of flower, but the Penn Ave. location runs out regularly. Overall it is a well done dispensary.

Not their best location

Their location in Butler is amazing. The staff is wonderful and they always have a full selection. It’s kinda the opposite of this location. Their online order process never took my order, despite me getting a confirmation. I ended up waiting over an hour because they gave up on my order and made me wait for somebody to take my order again. The staff here did seem friendly enough for the most part, but there also seemed to be a lot of confusion. On top of all of this, there’s no parking other than metered streets. So, if you’re planning on stopping here, make sure you bring money to feet the meters. If you don’t mind the drive, I highly recommend their Butler location over this one. Despite all of this, still better than Solevo.

Lucky to have CY+ in Pittsburgh.

The Penn Avenue Strip District CY+ dispensary is much more convenient for me then the butler location. There is a free and convenient patient parking lot close by but I usually can find a spot right out front. I’ve never waited more than 5 minutes in the waiting room of the dispensary. The product inventory has been consistent with a bigger selection of product on the menu. More importantly, I not only am made to feel valued as a customer, but I am made to feel valued as a medical patient as well. The bud tenders are passionate about cannabis and a few bud tenders in particular stand out as exceptionally knowledgeable. I’ve never left the dispensary disappointed when “Kasey” recommends me specific strains and products. There is also an educational space storefront open to the public right next door to the dispensary. I’m a strong believer in the PA medical program and CY+ seems to have it figured out here in Pittsburgh.

Great facility, good staff, nice selection

I live halfway between this PGH shop and the Butler location. This store has a much better selection. There wasn’t any wait at 2:30 in the afternoon. The PA Medical Marijuana Education Center is next door and offers a ton of seminars and information. This is a clean and well run operation.

Best in PGH

Always have a good selection and stock, in and out in 15 mins generally.

So stupid slow i think the employees are stoned

Man You guys sure got a feudal enterprise going That much is for sure

Discount for military veterans

Only wanted to mention to the top folks, that today as I was making my purchase I asked about a discount and was told that I needed my DD214 as proof. 1. I retired from the Army 19-yrs ago 2. Who walks around with that on them as we have military ID 3. My drivers license shows VETERAN under the flag and that I think should be good proof from DMV as you have our license as ID 4. Lastly, anyone can doctor up a fake DD214 if they wanted to Just think you all should be a little more considerate and put out the information maybe online or something. Thank You!

What a fantastic 1st experience!

What first drew me to this dispensary was the politeness of the staff. I spoke with Allison to ask a question and she was so nice over the phone, and nicer in person. The atmosphere was modern and very welcoming. The help I received by the staff while choosing what medicine was right for me was fantastic. I got exactly the strains I wanted for any situation, and they're all perfect. The product is also fantastic. Pricing is higher than I pay on the street, but I'll gladly pay the difference for the experience here. I can't wait to come back! Thank you CY+!

Clean and organized

I walked into a full waiting room and expected to be there for an at least an hour. They were extremely organized and I was in and out in under an hour. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. The process was all together easy and smooth


Love this place, always in and out quickly. Parking in the strip is always rough especially with them doing work on Smallman so there’s that. As a Pittsburgh native for 37 years I’ve come to expect it down there lol. The staff is friendly and professional, the space is comfortable and clean, and the selection is solid for a first generation dispensary in the greater Pittsburgh area. The online menu is a little wonky since they’re adding dry bud August 1 as I write this review lol. See for yourself though and stop in to sample the wares!

Not a fan of this one

I stopped in this one for the first time and was disappointed the line was really long and I had to wait an hour and a half to go back and once I got there the very young girl rushed me through the process and was even rude because I wasn't going fast enough,it was all about money and what the can sell you

Thank you

I wanted to thank the staff at C&Y they have all been so very helpful from my time at the Butler location and now the PGH. store these folks are kind,educated,patient and above all respectful to the patient and the individual needs of each person. Thank you staff from the front to the back you all rock!