True Breath #23 | MKCO Flower 3.5g

$40.00per 1/8 oz
Product description

Our 1/8th jars of greenhouse flower are selected, processed, and packaged by hand. Highlighting our unique varieties by providing consumers an exceptional experience. Our flower is cultivated in a controlled greenhouse environment in Salinas, Ca. Using mixed lighting and our auto dep systems, we are able to create an ideal growing environment year-round. We employ techniques to preserve the quality of the flower through the entire life cycle of the plant and onward through processing and packaging.

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2 reviews

5 months ago
5 stars

Dank as all hell

This strain is quite dank. From the second you open the jar you know you’re gonna be stoney. The smell is thick and rich with hash, berry, diesel and pine scents that you can smell for minutes still after closing the jar. NOT A DISCREET BUD TO SMOKE. If you want everyone in a 2 block radius to know you’re smoking fire, this is the strain. Super heavy head high that’s fairly sleepy so it’s good for pain relief or taking the edge off a shitty day. Or maybe try smoking a bowl and sitting in a garden, you can thank me later. Smoke tastes exactly how it smells so make sure you have a clean piece to rip this out of to enjoy the full flavor. Overall this strain and any other strain with “breath” in it that MKCo makes is gonna be crazy with flavor and terps, one of my go-to strains this year for sure.
7 months ago
5 stars


Wowzers! Now THIS is worth it! The taste is fantastic, and has a very sweet head high👍 Oh, and a price that's nice? Don't pass this up if you're on a budget, and want to treat you, and your friends...or just yourself😁
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