Sensi Chew Indica Chocolate Caramel

Product description

-      100mg THC, 10-10mg doses

-      Fudgy Chocolate Caramel that won’t melt like regular chocolate

-      Goes to work in 15 minutes when allowed to melt in your mouth for 30 seconds

-      Full spectrum solventless CO2 cannabis extract

-      Low in sugar, low in calories, gluten free

-      Perfect for travel and sharing, each dose is individually sealed

-      Great for relaxation and sleep

-      Includes a helpful usage tips card


Sensi Chew Indica is a tasty chewy chocolate caramel that’s perfect for deep relaxation and sleep. It uses solventless CO2 cannabis extract which contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids for the best effects and a clean high. Unlike other edibles that use distillate which strips away most minor cannabinoids and terpenes, full spectrum extract is closest to the original plant so all the cannabinoids go to work to help relax muscles and stress, reduce inflammation, and enhance the overall experience. Enjoy Sensi Chew Indica anytime, or in the evening to help unwind and sleep well!

ChocolatesHigh DosageMarijuana DerivedRelaxedSleep SoundlySleepyTHCTHC-Dominant
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2 reviews

4 years ago
5 stars

Great taste, travels well, resealable

I love all the Sensi Chew products. They all come in a resealable package and they are more like a tootsie roll in texture and taste. I really appreciated that they don't melt down into a liquid like all the chocolate edibles I have tried which makes them great for travel. They are potent and were really easy to micro dose which is essential for me with edibles.
1 year ago
5 stars

Yum and awesome by far a great product, prefer over smoking
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