THC Slim Vape 30% THC-0.5mL (150mg THC) – Multiple Flavors Available

Curaleaf disposable slim vape is filled with highly refined cannabis and MCT oils in a discreet and easily portable device. The 30% THC slim vape Cartridge contains 150mg of THC. This device comes with a state-of the art 340 mAh Li-ion battery to maximize vapor production throughout the entire life of the battery. Product availability may vary by Dispensary. Please contact your local Curaleaf Dispensary or visit our website for up-to-date inventory.  Flavors Available: ·       Mango ·       Mango-Pineapple-Orange ·       Piña Colada ·       Triple Berry ·       Dreamsicle ·       Cherry-Vanilla ·       Chocolate-Coconut

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