Cornerstone Wellness

4.3 stars by 230 reviews
dispensary Los Angeles, Californiamedical & recreational
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4.3 stars



Five stars

Quick and bomb bud 4real

This place is top of the line!

I had an extremely pleasant experience the staff were super helpful and I was very satisfied with their service. The setup was immaculate and the products were amazing and exactly as advertised. I will definitely be returning.

finally found relief

came across this place looking for another product but left with something way better for my severe pain. everyone was super helpful and I was shown an array of products. the staff took the time to explain everything. I have been pain free since and will going back. thank you!

Predatory pricing

Came in for an oral spray listed for 40$ on their menu. The employee was nice and showed me two different ones and explained a few differences. Confirms it’s 40$. When I go to pay its 65$... I ask why, she says because it’s actually 45$ + tax. Ok so if it was 45$ (learn to update prices on menu) that means it’s a 44% tax. No where in Los Angeles is there a tax that high on cannabis. You will not find anything in here priced fairly, and if you do find something add 44%.
Cornerstone Wellness
Please contact us if you believe there was an error in how you were charged. As a fully licensed and legal store we have to charge taxes set by California and Los Angeles law, which amount to 34.5% for non-medical members, 29.5% for medical recommendation patients, and 20% for MMIC registered patients. We are fully transparent about these rates, and you can find them listed on multiple signs in store. Please contact us so we can find your receipt and make sure everything is correct.
Official Response


Honestly I love u guys and everything u guys are about (great service, beautiful setup, quality inventory) but can we please have some better deals/specials as well as some more single gram purchase options? Would also love to see some popcorn/smalls/shake avail for us patients on a budget...and lastly....any chance on giving the patients a tax break anytime soon? I really wanted to come in today but there arent too many options for small fry like me :/....still think u guys are awesome for always being on top of quality control and only carrying heat! (Even though I cant afford it!)


ALL THE REVIEWS ARE TRUE, DON'T SHOP HERE This is how you take a good situation like a pot shop and ruin in... Disorganized, poorly ran, and overpriced mediocre weed. The $56 ceramic pipes on the table are made with $2 of clay. You can keep your hippity-dipity shop filled with crystals, I'll take my business to a reasonable priced shop thats not selling "a vibe" and just sells good weed at attainable prices. I PAID $15 IN TAXES..... I SHOULD HAVE JUST WALKED OUT AND TRUSTED MY GUT

Super friendly and knowledgeable

Very attentive, friendly, and smart staff.

over priced

wack selection of bud and so over priced....i just walked out

Great Shop & Service!!

I drove all the way there from Ontario and it was all worth it. Great location, very nice and clean shop and the service was top of the line starting with the security guard. The budtender who helped me (did not get his name...) a very good looking and very nice guy with the most professional service and knowledge. Yeah, taxes are high but it's worth it. Quality of the flower that I got, was good. Definitely I will go back again, very satisfied!!

“My FTP Experience”

I reviewed cornerstone online looking for a certain product of Rosin and I went in knowing that they didn’t have it but I just wanted to see what else they had to offer. Upon my arrival the security, the receptionist and all the caregivers were respectful and courteous. I went on a Saturday afternoon and it did get busy (as expected from any Cannabis Collective in LA since they legalized 18+). As a veteran cannabis connoisseur, I’ve worked in collectives before and the prices are fine (they offer FTP discounts and continual 5% credit back from each purchase. As I continue my relationship with Cornerstone, I’m excited to see what else can be offered. With any well-ran collective, you will always see a friendly face, a clean environment and medically tested products. There’s plenty of “trap-house” ran marijuana shops but I’ll take paying a little extra for that extra-friendly service and medically tested, reviewed products. I’ve had my fare share of scoping out 25 cap-spots and I’m good.

Another bait and switch - waste of time

Drove nearly an hour to get there Friday night, security guard was very nice to folks, good start...but After waiting 10 minutes in lobby number one and then another 10 minutes in lobby number two I finally got served. Right away the guy is like, “WE ARE TOTALLY OUT OF THE crystalline” yet of course it was still on their Weedmaps menu....typical bait and switch question, do I want to buy something else instead.. of course not, I came there to get an item I wanted and found currently on the menu... Their Answer, oh sorry, definitely “our bad” so I left after they finished telling me they will be removing it off the menu - fair enough - life happens and places run out of stuff on the fly... well as suspected, it’s still on the menu 3 days later and they still don’t have any in stock - wondering if they ever did? If we have to deal with regulation, can we get regulation for false advertisement? I wasted my entire evening... my recommendation- don’t waste yours too, shop elsewhere..

Great experience

Been out of the game fir a bit cause the paranoia is so real for me, so i thought I’d try some CBD flowers cause I enjoy the smoking ritual. I was pretty ignorant when it came the various strains and their cbd to Thc ratios, all that said, staff lead my in the right direction with digestible information, hooked me up with a few different strains and a gorgeous rolling tray. Definitely will repeat.

Top Notch

This review was long overdue. I heavily rely on Weedmaps to get my medicinal use on. However this year I decided to try this dispensary as it is extremely convenient for me. During my visits, I have luckily encountered having Tazo and Eva as my very knowledgeable connoisseurs. Both have aided me with my road to recovery with chronic pain with providing me with so much knowledge on products that are beneficial for me. They make me feel like family and comfortable to know that I am in good hands. I appreciate their energy and wisdom. Definitely a life long customer now because of them!

Ftp honest review

Cornerstone has been around forever in the area and ive known of them for their boutique style flowers thru an old friend of mine since their referral only days but ive never actually had the chance to visit them until last week. Went with my goto pearl pharma sin mints...cant go wrong with that. Super awesome staff and setup, beautiful interior amazingly and tastefully done. Taxes suck at 34.5% but thats not their fault..i just wish they would cover at least a portion of the taxes, slightly lower prices to make up for outrageous CA weed tax, or at least have some daily or early bird specials that us patients on a budget can capitalize on. Ie: 15% off flower mondays & thurs 15% off concentrates wed and sun etc. little opportunities like this to save would have me switching shops in an instant. Really love all of the brands you guys carry and everything overall but a couple of my main goto spots carry similar brands at lower prices and cover a portion of the taxes and have daily deals...even if u uts did one of these ..i and many others would switxh dispensaries in a heartbeat. Just my honest opinion...u guys are still Awesome. Thanks guys.

60$ for 3 grams

This shop want to make a player stop smoking weed.

Yay for local shop!

This place is lovely! Very comfortable and LOTS to choose from! I love the tablets that give info about each product. Only downside is the outrageous taxes that are added to the sub totals. I paid nearly $60 in taxes on $160 in product. 😬


do you carry clones ? I want to know before I drive here
Cornerstone Wellness
We have seeds, no clones.
Official Response

cbd flower

The guy that helped me knew what he's talking about and he was so super helpful and respectful and help me find the best Cbd flower, and the Cbd flower billy was super fire 🍀

Pro as hell, Medical patients only!!!

Cleanest most professional shop I've ever been to in 16 years of smoking. These folks actually care about making people healthier and providing the most therapeutic experience with cannabis possible. Be warned, if your looking for a good deal to get high recreationally and don't care about the health benefits much, this is not the shop for you! Highly recommended by a long time patient with arthritis/insomnia