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4.2 stars


OK, a $60 eighth is $84 out the door. That's more than a 30% markup. NO Medical prices and you pay more. Green Cross' best is $48 plus 10% tax. Go down to Green Cross near Silver and Mission and they are ALL far more friendly. There's a Thug Like feeling, the I don't GAF feeling in this place again. It was there with Berner's people, it must be something in the air conditioning.

Bad service

Rude security and staff purchased some wax that said it was 40 on the site but they charge an extra 7

Great service

Went in for an 8th and came out with an ounce. impressive lineup. Great recommendtions made by budtenders. I just wish it was easier to park. But well worth the trip.

Flower game on point!

Went to the store and yet again they didn’t disappoint. That Chem D and Guava 2.0 were great recommendations. Thanks to Juan! Will be back again soon


got banned for talking about the bathroom as a joke the manager banned me but had everybody laughing tho manager is a donkey
2 Chainz #1 FAN=Slick

Adrian @ Connected SF is 💯

I took my first trip to go into this location today, I’ve taken a patient here countless times before, but never actually became a member until today myself. I checked in VERY fast and got signed up, had one person helped right as I stepped up, then I met Adrian. IMMEDIATELY, Adrian greets me and unlike any other budtender I’ve encountered, he let me tell him what my favorite is & I also mentioned to him that I came in for a cross of my favorite strain, #41 & the most refreshing wave of honesty just started to flow out of this Gentleman. He told me the direction I was headed in wasn’t the right one and proceeded to hear EXACTLY what I said I wanted, then returned with 4 different jars and 2 more, including the one I requested and just as he advised, I wasn’t going to find what I was looking for in it. Two more suggestions looked very promising as well, but I ultimately took the first 4 all his recommendation. Sadly had to put one back but still got 3 and my review wants to tell any reader that it’s all about the experience I was given today from Adrian! Adrian was patient, kind and SUPER informative, not limited to simply being excellent as budtender, but as a kind and gentle human being as well!! Thought I lost my phone but this cool cat, just immediately calmed me down and took out his own phone, called it until I got back into the vehicle and found it where I accidentally dropped it between seats. This one of a kind individual is at best, the core definition of the ❤️ of Connected SF! Now, he’s ALL THAT PLUS the reason I just drove 3 hours to visit here and I sure hope Connected recognizes what a difference for the better Adrian is and it’s my honor to write this review with NO incentive or request to do so, entirely out of the positive experience Adrian treated me to!! This GUY IS 💯🏆

What happened to this place

I use to come once a month and they use to have the best deals and fire bud too I drive an hour to come to this spot and the other day I walked in and it completely changed and not for the good. There is no more deals on flowers and the people there were hella slow and didn’t know what they were really doing I walked out and didn’t even buy anything cuz weedmaps menu was different from theirs. Ended up going to a different dispensary .

The worst service and rudest people you can hire

Everyone at the store was so rude that it actually made me, a person who never leaves any type of review to have to leave a terrible review. The second I walked in there Every single employee especially the security out front treated me like a peasant. Why should I or anyone else give my money to your terrible store when I can go to purple star and be treated like royalty and they have better pricing anyways. I thought I could give this store a chance since it’s closer to me but I clearly see that this place is run by a bunch of unprofessional stoners. Do yourself a favor and go to any other dispensary.

Top Medicated Cannabis For Sale

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How hard is it to update your menu?

These guys have maybe a 1/4 of their flower menu listed on Weedmaps. Their other locations post their full menu, what's holding y'all back? Good luck finding decent affordable weed here. If it's anywhere near smokable, it's guaranteed to be sold out.

great store

long lines but besides that quality products at good prices

This place is boo on toast!

So, I stroll in for some Gelonade, which I can say was pretty fire, and being a purveyor of top notch pot, I ask my dude about other strains etc... immediately he starts going on about Biscotti... how it is his favorite and loves the taste. now, I love Sativa, so I really wasn’t for a top shelf Indy. Especially the most expensive at the time.But, I put it on the back burner of my mind for later. I leave. Two days later..... I return, and the same dude is working the register. I can judge from his reaction That he in no way rememberEd who I was. I said hey what’s up dude, I’m pretty sore today and I’m looking for some of that biscotti, you think it’s pretty good? Remember our previous interaction. He said, oh I haven’t tried that one yet… I walked out, won’t go back.

Bad quality and bad service

Bad quality bad service very rude would not come again they act like you commited a felony for parking

Bud tenders will show you brown weed.

I just wanted to note that this dispensary usually has more Low Grades than Top Shelf.
Connected Cannabis Co - San Francisco
San Francisco South
Thank you for review. We try to carry something for everyone!
Official Response

Update your menu!

Gots to keep your menu updated daily and everything not just flowers. Would be a timer saver for a lot of your patients

Gotta Have What Your Website or WeedMaps Says.

Having seen the Select Grams on their site twice in the last week, twice I went in there and NO Indica strains of Select cartridges period. Irked me when the guy suggested a Sativa instead. This is yet another example of a corporate entity entering the weed business that hasn't quite got it right.

Find another place

weed ok customer service ok Bad vibes and don't expect 10% off 1st time patient I DO NOT RECOMMENDED

We Dont Smoke That Sht in the SFC

Fuk these bammer a$s haters from the hood. Some ignorant mofos up in here (Ghetto Techies). El polo loco dont sell weed, wtf you toy cops doing there? Dont support these transplants. BUY LOCAL!

love connected

great spot . work in the city and specifically make time to come by. great selection and the staff is great. I think her name was Sarah, but she was so kind and help me with all my purchases a great representative of connected

Amazing Staff! Great Selection!

This shop is the perfect place to go if your looking to find quality cannabis. It has a variety of products including a great selection of Heavy Hitters. They also offer 10% during their Happy Hour. This is the perfect time to make the most out of their daily deals and promotions. Also, they have an amazing team of budtenders that are not only knowledgeable, but patient and caring with every customer. :)