Melonwreck Liquid Moxie Cartridge


This strain features a taste similar to sour lemon candy, and produces both a strong body and head stone. While it may have stimulating and cerebral effects at first, this is truly a nighttime strain for some as it produces strong sleepy effects over time. Lemon Wreck is helpful to those suffering from insomnia or are in need of relaxation.

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4.5 stars

it's a great ccell tech cart

moxie is and will always be one of the first concentrate makers, and one of the very best at that. these liquid moxie cartridges are bar none one of the hardest hitting and flat out most flavorful. thanks for staying "true".

Heck of a Wreck, Friends & those alike

Always knew *fruits* are good for you, as is this Melon Wreck. Best cart thus far, & tried many. Smooth, fruity flavorable taste making it both palatable & easy on the airways, (no sneezing like others - I know? Only me?😎) rapidly followed by muscle relaxation, cerebral decompression, bodily pain relief. Three good pulls will do ya. Heavy 85% Indica, not for the faint. Bedtime use ideal. Sweet peaceful easy feeling culminatined by 6! hrs. of uninterrupted sleep - 1st time in 3 yrs! Shall absolutely, positively freakinlutely, & thankfully return for more. Congratulations to MOXIE & their Entire Team for making premium☆☆☆☆ products. 《Try the BlackBerry cart too cause it's similarly good as well》

Got a chance to try this bad boy 🔥

Moxies liquid lineup is fire🔥 but when I got my hands on melonwreck I was amazed. Terps on point👌🏼🍉 that head high will come to you slowly and will get you sleepy for sure. Amazing cart moxie !👍🏼

Favorite added terp wax

I’m usually a fan of terpenes being reintroduced from the same strain, but moxie struck gold with this natural watermelon terpene flavored vape. If you do not like watermelons or fruity carts do not buy this

Good shit

I almost about died hitting this thing lol BUT it has to be by far THE BEST thing I’ve smoked in Vegas. I would highly recommend this🔥👌🏼

🍋 Definitely lemon 🍋

I picked this up at cresco yeltrah in Butler and while I don't particularly like the lemon taste, I love the fact that I have not slept better in my life and without taking the sleeping pills that make me feel hungover the next day! I also love the calmness I feel after 2 hits of my cartridge!

Not a fan of melon flavor

I prefer a natural tasting vape. This was flavored with melon, hence the name I guess. Good stone but can’t stand the taste. Now I know. Moxie has been very reliable.

Great product

Love the taste and it helps with chronic back pain and sciatica. Definitely recommend it!

Good for pain and sleep

After 3 back surgeries and now a broken knee. This has been the best help I could of found. It works so much better then any opiate could. It is a relaxing sleepy high that takes the pain away from it’s sedating effects.

lemon 😗

Very much taste like sour lemon Candy.. that was the only thing I didn't care for... it's really helped with sleeping which is one of my main problems
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