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4.5 stars by 117 reviews
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4.5 stars

Great Bud

Excellent bud at an even better price! My bud tender was chill, friendly, and I left with an oz of fire green crack for a steal. Seriously, this bud smells amazing, and looks delicious. This dispensary is a hidden gem for sure.

My favorite dispensary!

I love everything about this place! In and out in less than 5 minutes usually, everyone knows me by name. It's like the good old days of going to your dealer, getting what you need and you're out. Always giving me credits so I get cheap deals when I'm waiting on payday. Love Love LOVE THE STAFF! Y'all are my favorite. I don't even go anywhere else anymore. This my spot


Very friendly staff. Some of the best weed I've smoked. Good prices. Love this place! I Highly recommend it!

Jackie and Eric McClintock

We are a married couple with two illnesses my husband loves you so much (no judgment ) other saying no names are. People tend to be rude not u. You keep us smiling all the time when we go in there. I swear the lovely employees love their jobs. I think you guys are our favorite of all. Thank you so much.

I will go back again..

I like their store better. The guys are very cool ,take their time to understand . they r the best then all the other med stores They got better price and they r very professional. I will go back there again and will become their reg customer To be honest, it hard to find a place like this, are very friendly atomphere. They don't look at u wrong and hassele. It took me a long time to find the right people and they right people I give them 10 star. The best Best price and best deal. Very friendly atomophere

Delicious and some

I've had a couple different strains and yet was I disappointed with the quality of their flowers. definitely my favorite place right now.

Schwag Shop

Looks like the "stoned out lanky guy who reeked of cigarettes" still doesn't want to answer questions. When I inquired about a specific strain of Indica.....the best he could conjure up was "well it smokes good" in his best Jeff Spicoli voice. Oh yeah, sure let me give you my hard earned money for that pre-packaged brown dried up crap that you claim is "good". After all, I showed you an out-of-state ID so I have dumb ass written all over my face. I have shopped here off and on for years and HATE the pre-packaged crap they now push off on customers. Long gone are the days of bud tenders, discount cards and swag. No more hand made Ambrosia (caviar) either. Looks like they put most of their effort now into making t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc. Sorry but you don't make it worth braving the nasty dark deserted side street. Next time I'll stay on Broadway!

Chad is the Greatest

ladies, it's a must, to go see Chad to take care of your needs, WEED NEEDS girils! get your mind outta the gutter, always a gentlemen ;) always a pleasure. thanks for all u do!

Not so great.

This is part of a 30 dispensary tour, to find a new shop after mine fell-off in quality in recent months. This is the worst shop we visited. And that's........not good. First of all, when you enter the shop, you notice that there's a ton of swag for sale. Never a good sign. When you're pouring your energy into t-shirt making, you're probably not thinking too much about bud quality. And guess what, I was right! This place does organic soil grows, and not very well. Organic soil grows are already at a disadvantage to pure hydro grows, as most of the buds take-on at least some terpene elements of the soil/cocoa they're grown in. You really have to work hard to make each strain stand out. Well, none of these stood out. The nose on all these buds is the same. A sort of acrid, soily/manurey smell that reminds you of the bud you used to get in high school. And this is the worst part, and always the kiss of death for these shops: pre-packaged bags!! This may be suitable for tourists from texas, but not for medical patients in colorado who know what they want, and want it straight from the jar. The staff, too, were not great. The stoned out lanky guy who reeked of cigarettes and didn't know how to answer my grow questions was really a blast to hang around. The smoke was bad, too. (It's also never a good sign when your first 1/8 is 10 bucks). I tried their Madness, and their Green Crack. Both tasted the same (soily, boring). Both had nice red hairs on them, but were popcorny. They were also wet!!! Needless to say, my friend and I did not get high. Don't go here. Bad bad bad.

New Update: Best Hidden Med/Rec Shop

What are these people talking about below??? NEW UPDATE, Best Selection Of Flower, more oils and waxes than anyone. I honestly got home tonight enjoyed the CASEY JONES AND GORILLA GLUE CAVIAR. AMAZING. and affordable with discounts on Monday's and Tuesdays. We also got Doc Og and it lived up to its smell and eye appeal. We got more things and we're super happy with everything but we got this live resin that was so pure and strong I could only do half my normal dose. I'm writing this hoping more people know about this hidden gem. Can't wait for you guys to take over Aurora!!!

Staff was VERY VERY rude

Not a bad dispesnary, but I will never shop there again because of the manager Ian. He was so disrespectful to me and my family when we were in there. He was very condescending and rude. I won't shop here ever again because of the experience I had dealing with Ian.
Been High

very helpful!

good selection. I arrived here just after some unruly customer started haranguing the management about the weight/volume of some vape pen cartridges he'd already bought and paid for. And I gotta say, the manager and all employees did a great job in tolerating this guy (and his insulting demands to weigh everything twice). They were very helpful to him, and then so very apologetic to me they gave me a free preroll - in addition to their crazy good deal for first-time buyers. I thought the customer service was good, and I'd definitely go back.

not worth a second visit.

budtender seemed to have better things to do than help us or answer our questions, i guess since we didn't have dreads. We picked up two 8th's, flo and purple chemdawg. the bud was pretty decent for the price, $10 each. I just wish they would learn how to cure their weed correctly. Sorry I don't like my weed to crumble to dust so easily. also, try to label prices and tiers a little bit better. and maybe try smiling at the customer occasionally. sorry, won't be coming back for a return visit.
Colorado Harvest Co - Medical
Denver South
Hello, We're sorry to hear that you didn't have the best experience when you were in last. We strive to offer the best customer service possible and we apologize that the service that day wasn't up to par. We will certainly look at making some changes so this does not happen again. We are also revamping our packaging, which will greatly improve the quality on the buyer's end. We are hoping to roll out the new packaging in the next couple of weeks. We hope you'll give us another chance! The CHC Team
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Dry bud and Unfriendly Staff

Tried a few different "top shelf" strains and the buds were so dry they crumbled in your fingers. The women who checked me out was very unfriendly. Overall the experience wasn't awesome and with all the other shops out there- I'll just try somewhere else next time.
Colorado Harvest Co - Medical
Denver South
Hello, We're sorry to hear that you didn't have the best experience when you were in last. We strive to offer the best customer service possible and we apologize that the service that day wasn't up to par. We will certainly look at making some changes so this does not happen again. We are also revamping our packaging, which will greatly improve the quality on the buyer's end. We are hoping to roll out the new packaging in the next couple of weeks. We hope you'll give us another chance! The CHC Team
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Love the joints

Worst Customer Service 7/16/14 at 6pm

After 6 month as a mmj patient with no caregiver, I decided to take up an offer I read in the Westword for the Colorado Harvest Company where they advertised, "Become a medical member and receive either 30% off your total order that day or an O pen and cartridge for 1 cent". I called first and confirmed that they were still honoring the ad. They confirmed they did and I took the 30 minute drive in traffic and rain to sign up as a medical member. What a mistake! Once there, the male receptionist who is by far the worst mean spirited receptionist I've had the displeasure of meeting, refused to honor the ad coupon and said that I had to shop there 2 or 3 times before they would honor the ad. I told him that it would have been a good idea to have stated that in the ad or when I called in to verify the ad. Instead of offering an explanation he gave me back my medical card and told me to LEAVE. I then I asked him for his name and he refused and once again told me to LEAVE.... I did leave immediately but can't understand how any reputable medical marijuana company would hire such a poorly trained employee in customer service to work for their business. A welcoming atmosphere, employees trained in the company current promotions and a friendly smile to greet you would be a better approach. All in all, I'm glad things worked out the way they did and that I didn't sign them over as my caregiver. A company employee is just a reflection of management. Oh, and I'm sure the lady budtender that was there covers up for her co-worker bad customer service with her employer all the time. I guess the only way this company gets any good reviews on Weedmaps is to offer the $10 good review store credit. P.S. Colorado Harvest Company please stop your confusing advertising in the Westword! Or at a minimum state your terms in small print, for an example, "2 OR 3 visits are required before we decide to honor the ad", which is what your mean spirited employee told me was the rule. Thanks!
Colorado Harvest Co - Medical
Denver South
Hello, The individual who contributed to your negative experience is no longer with the company and immediately after reading your review, we updated our verbiage in our Westword Ads to indicate that members are allowed to sign us up on their first visit, they just can't take advantage of our first time visit deal as well as the sign-over bonus at the same time. We have since obtained several new staff members who would be happy to assist you with a smile on their faces, anytime. We hope you'll give us another chance! The CHC Team
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Great customer service!

Prices are slightly on the high side. But where they seem to always get are the 5 and 10 dollar per rolls.

Great store

I've been to CHC twice, once in February and again in March. Nice layout, friendly staff that will take there time with you and are very helpful. Best selection of open vape I've come across. Easy parking. All you could ask for except low prices as theres is on thr high end... Or at least they were in March. Only been to about 6 stores around town and this one is my favorite because of their level of service and openvape selection. Its well worth the 50 mile one way drive:)

dont even bother going there

Ive been to this dispensary over the past 6 months, I usually go for the $5 joints and they are usually okay not the best quality but for $5 its okay. I haven't been there in weeks the last time I went in I got I literally got the laziest budtender named Justin he couldn't even answer my questions I had about the eighth I was trying to purchase I ended up just walking out and taking my business elsewhere. Yesterday I thought I would give them another try, first off there is a sign in the waiting area along with the inside that says IF YOU GIVE them a good review on WEEDMAPS you get $10 credit so of course I did it, raved about the joints So the kid next to me goes in and walks out with 2 FREE joints no tax no hassel nothing but of course he had older gentlemen as his budtender and of course when I walk in I get the SAME IDIOT I had before and when I asked about the weedmaps he said He couldn't give anything away for free (which is understandable I guess) so when I ask him how much I need to spend to get it he replies......"uh......I don't know I guess about $15? really, you guess? aren't you supposed to know your job? know what the guidelines for the promotional offer you are selling to your customers? There sister store is Evergreen Apothecary is where I usually go and have never had any type of issue they are so friendly and professional they must have the A team working there and let the slackers all work at Harvest. Next time I guess I will drive the extra few blocks to get treated a little better. oh and I called the manager to let him know how his employee was treating there customers and losing them as well and all he could tell me was "he would have a talk with him" never once on the phone did he say "let me fix this situation" or even try to save a customer so yeah go ahead give them a good weedmap review and then they can argue you about giving you the credit they are promoting. Spend your hard earned money someplace where they actually give a shit about keeping customers happy. I recommend 420 wellness they actually will do 5 joints for $20 with the tax they will always keep they're customers coming back COLRADO HARVEST THANKS FOR ALL THE LOVE :) and your friendly bud tender Justin
Colorado Harvest Co - Medical
Denver South
I apologize that you had a negative experience with one of our budtenders. I am the General Manager and I was not aware of this issue. I will have a discussion with him to make sure he is fully trained on this promotion and all others. I would like to correct one aspect of your post. We do not offer the discount if customers write a positive review. We offer customers a discount if they write any review. We run our business with integrity and we would never want to persuade our customers to lie on our behalf. We offer a discount to anyone who writes a review about our store. This is regardless of how much they spend in the shop. However, it is illegal for any dispensary to give away anything for free, which is why I believe this particular budtender was confused. Nobody ever walks out of here without spending a single penny, which is sometimes what the total may end up being. Best regards, The CHC Team
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good joints

love the $5 jays you gotta get em while they are in stock though they go fast! Friendly staff will keep going there