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4.2 stars by 1842 reviews
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4.2 stars

Best club!!

My fav club! Wonderful bud tenders, recommend to anyone looking for a good club!

Parking and security

I parked and the security guard asked if I was an employee. I said no and he said I can’t park there. Where’s the sign? Does it really matter? Y’all lost a customer. 🤦🏻‍♂️✌️

I was scammed out of $500 from Connected Sac.

Don’t buy an ounce of ANYTHING from here!!!!I was scammed out of $500 from this place. recently went in and bought and 1/8 of biscotti. The jar I was given was 26% so I came back in same day to get an ounce when I got in the car and look at the jars they were all 20% jars. THIS COMPANY WILL PLAY YOU. Check your jars before you buy!!! The manger came out, he’s Hispanic and wears glasses and a black shirt that says ‘blowin biscotti’ he came out and I’m pretty sure he told the bud tender to sell me all low quality jars that they couldn’t sell. Also the weed was moldy and had a gas like smell to it. I ended up giving most of it away because it tasted like gasoline. When I called there is a big samoan or Hispanic girl who is consistently ruder, answered the phone and told me that they couldn’t do anything about it.I also forgot to add that they have their employees write most of the reviews so they have a good rating on weedmaps. PLEASE BELIEVE THE BAD THINGS PEOPLE SAY ABOUT THIS PLACE AND STAY AWAY. They do shady business!


Exceptional service .⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.Rain is always helpful. She moves. Those lines fast and ..... Efficent Thank you so much!!!! Great Job Christina M.

Can't get pickup order ready in 2 hours

Put in a pickup order and waited two hours but they couldn't bother to get it ready. Avoid this place

#1in my book 😀

I am a regular customer up in the spot, but I can say the package I got today is the bomb it is the hybrid called moonbeam for $20 check it out it's a nice body high and a nice mind relaxing buzz.

Shady business.

Went to this place off bought an unopened eighth (skunk feather )I weighed it it was a gram short. I went back to ask the manager what he could do. He said I can wait till he’s off break cause he’s on his time not mine. Ok so I wait he come in all madd like I’m busting him out.he give me a crap 6$ gram. And has security escort me out. What an experience. Never again


Really appreciate you guys keeping ur carts prices reasonable. Other shops have crazy prices for there carts. Won’t even walk through there door. I travel an hour to take advantage of your awsome cart prices thanks again . Someone knows what there doing in sales dept

Always Awesome

I come here about once a week and the service is always great and the security guys are top notch, Any time there's a problem they handle it like pros and make waiting in the occasional line a breeze to sit through.

I bought mix n matc bunch of BS

Not the same picture on WM when you get your stuff watch out now
Connected Cannabis Co - Sacramento
Sacramento South
Dorothy1946, thank you for visiting Connected Sacramento! We are sorry to hear you were unsatisfied with your purchase. Please call the store and ask to speak to a manager, we would love a chance to make this right!
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I visited this place for the first time today and was not impressed. With the hype surrounding this place I was expecting more. The wait was horrible and the staff wasn’t helpful when it came to finding the right product.

Best prices in town

Best place to go
Connected Cannabis Co - Sacramento
Sacramento South
ejay6691, thank you for being a loyal guest of ours! We strive to offer great products at the best price! See you soon :)
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Great service

Everytime i come here the service is phenomenal not only do they have great prices they also have deals all the time. I love their product recommendations because they are honest.
Connected Cannabis Co - Sacramento
Sacramento South
scorpiogrrly thank you! We are here to provide great products AND great service. So glad to hear about your experience!
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Need Valium for my next trip

I went here last Friday and had a massive panic attack from the sheer amount of people in the hobby alone, much less the actual store part. There was waaay too much to choose from (not that that’s a bad thing but there’s too many people around you to look at everything) and the prices for some of the product are ABSURD ($80 for an 1/8). The employees didn’t seem to notice any signs of anxiety or panic at all either. So, overall I give the stock a 4.6/5 but the experience a 1.3/5

Enjoyed my visit

The wait was kinda long but prices and quality were great.


The security guard the works in the back tryed to sell me products from the dispensary and when I refuse to buy them he banned me☹️

costumer service sucks!!

Their consumer service is awful. There are new front desk people who are rude and can’t handle when it get busy. Takes out their stress on costumers. There are about 4 WONDERFUL employees that can help. Never know what kind of service you will get. I hate going in now a days. No one answers the phone, when they do they put you on hold for 12 minutes or more and then hang up on you. There is no costumer service. Need new employees. And now taxes aren’t listed and weedmaps online isn’t correct. Can’t get your questions answered. And when you go to the back and ask a question some of the bud tenders will say this is what you picked you can’t change it. It’s hit or miss here.


I can’t say I’ve found a better shop around Sacramento. Connected has a great choice of bud, guards are great, and staff are helpful. No matter the occasion I’ve always been able to leave with an eighth- Times tight? They got some nice 15 dollar eighths. Better times? Great 20-30 dollar eighths with insane top shelf. I will say I wasn’t a fan of Gushers as when I got them they had a recall and I got bad liquid lung/sick for a bit from it, but everything else I’ve liked across the price ranges. Great plug

They are stepping it up

This place has transformed over the years. They have had their ups and downs and I will admit there was times I blackballed this place and refused to go. However, they have really stepped it up recently. They have price points for everybody. They offer some decent promotions and staff and management truly seem to care about your needs and the customer service you receive.

Always super cool

The staff including the security outside always super cordial