Lady Gray's THC infused Ice Cream

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Awww yeah two of your favorite thangs!  We're celebrating real quality and simplistic ingredients here.  Our superpremium ice cream is decedant and rich without the artificial colors or flavors!  Our Strawberry is pink and gets its flavor from REAL STRAWBERRIES...  We use real cream in our dairy ice creams but also have non dairy versions with a coconut cream base as well.  These are small containers with 50mg per container - if you only have a few bites before bed or put the whole thing into a coke float or upgrade your favorite pie...  we're sure this will become a new favorite way to consume!  

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5 reviews

3 months ago
5 stars

Lady Gray Thank You!

I picked up the chocolate one at RedRun in Kenai today for $25 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Very Rich Chocolate
9 days ago
4 stars

Nice ice cream

Good stuff. You can slightly taste the cannabis but the chocolate works with it to taste good. It got me in a happy, relaxed mood. The only hard part is not eating the whole pint for me since I have a lower tolerance.
4 months ago
4 stars

2 pints got me high

as i said 2 pints got me feeling good its not freezer burnt just have to let it sit for a lil bit lol some ppl
4 months ago
1 star

freezer burned separated bunk didn't do anything

bunk doesn't work it's also ridiculously expensive for something that seems more like a novelty and not a good thc product they should warn customers not to expect any effects from this and that it could be old separated and freezer burned. But in the meantime, make a big tub of ice cream, and smoke a bowl, because this ice cream ain't it.
4 months ago
1 star

Forced notifications

Why does lady gray force notifications it’s so annoying!
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