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4.3 stars

Sketchy but Friendly

Place is big sketchy, felt super illegal. Had me exit out the back door to knock on a trailer out back. Dude with the Hawaiian shirt pops out with a bag then dips. Ended up having to go back to buy a lighter. The employee was very friendly gave me one on the house. All in all, good first date would recommend. P.s they don’t sell Swishers or white owls


You pay inside and have to meet some guy in the trailer out back. Ozs for $420, homemade dank vapes (not distillate), and the budtender recommended that i not smoke their joints. Lack of competition is not an excuse for bad product/service. 👎


Not a good experience.

F all that BS people talking about

99% of people don’t know they are talking about the flower has % dependence on what you need it for everyone is different if you dab flower won’t be so strong and the wipe that made the camper remark it has to be behind so many locked doors I haven’t been in a year and only went once but it was by far the best in the up nice people and a selection that was flown in and also no dispo is gonna take on expensive top shelf weed just to let it rot and get stale... so you special education D drips support this small spot and you will get better weed build a rapport with the place and welcome the fact your not doing shady back hand deals moral of the story let these guys know that you appreciate a place to get pot and quit writing reviews like it’s star bucks lame people you guys don’t deserve the two nice guys that are in there and I was the only young black guy I seen around them there parts and was treated better there then anywhere else I drove two hours when I was up there much love

Awful don’t waste your money

The products didn’t work. Ditch weed for 105$ the cartridges were bunk, the edibles also were very low quality. The cashier couldn’t add or count change. It was ghetto and you bought inside the store and got the “goods” from a camper out back.

cartridges Feeling ripped off

I made 2 trips here 5 different strains of cartridges. None had any effect. Blew out no vapor. All were identical shaded in color, one was cloudy. They were very thin and watery and crackled when they were hit. Highly dissapointed.

The place is a great small town treasure.

After going threw most of the reviews. I found it that the people giving the bad reviews are just haters or paid haters. I've seen this alot over the years. Im sitting in my car from just leaving the nice establishment. Im happy they are here. The products are quite good except the flower which is mediocre. The carts are delicious(I got the Blackberry kush). I will be back to purchase more.

BUYER BEWARE. Would NOT recommend!

They had 3 strains of flower to choose from, one was sold out. Prices for flower we're a bit insane, asking $100 for an eighth. The price of the gummies wasn't terrible, 3x100mg for $25 but they definitely weren't as strong as advertised. As far as the cartridges, they carry only dank vapes brand which is one of the most common fakes to find and with a little googling, it was obvious they are selling fakes. The packaging is the actual, authentic black box with raised images but the cartridges inside are not ccell do not have the official clear tip. The product inside tastes heavily like vape juice and little like concentrate should. BUYER BEWARE

Great Place

DirtyWench906 has made numerous complaints about this place yet she continues to come here, over and over...and bitch, over and over. I love this place, quite a drive but better prices than Houghton!!! Hey DW, open up your own place and let’s see what people say about you!!


wow this place may as well be dump. it's garbage from the bud to carts. edibles taste like bud, wtf. straight up nasty!!!

Boof for sale no thanks

This place is a joke. Crap meds stolen pictures of weed they don’t have from popular Instagram accounts overpriced garbage hot up yooperextracts710 on Instagram if you want good meds. People write reviews about whining they obviously don’t know what good meds are this place needs to stop selling untested boof

guess i won't go here :(

on vacation valid card holder based on reviews guess i will suffer

Love this place

Too many whiners, don’t come here if you don’t like it. Best meds anywhere!!

Awesome again

You guys are the best,. Too many whinny people out there

Waste of Money!!!!

Any good reviews on here have to be friends of the owner!! By far worse Cart I've ever seen.. So watered down it was sick. SIXTY bucks for a tube of what looks like the Jzz BEER Stiffler drinks in American Pie. Felt like a kid doing a drug deal walking out back to find a FAT, SWEATY, SHIRTLESS, Gross looking want to be Man...(DAN)!!!!! JUST GO TO the HUSH, save some mone get better shit and it isnt shady as all he

Recreational don't bother

Great selection of glass smoking units, excellent selection of CBD oils as well as ecig rigs. When it comes to recreational marijuana, you don't get to see any bud before purchasing which they had only 2 choices available, the one I took it was called Holy Grail, it was low grade, it smelled of a barn and it was leafy the buds were not dense at all. The THC cartridges are bad just plain bad, the oil is really watery and has residue floating in it. The man knew nothing about the cartridges which should have been my clue to just leave but i gave it a shot. After paying which I received no receipt I then was directed to a camper in the back parking lot to receive my purchases. -I heavily and deeply regret the purchase I made today. June 28, 2019

$105 1/4oz.

$105 for a 1/4oz of ditch weed. Not very happy with the decline of quality. They don't know how to grow decent weed, so Buyer Beware.


knowledgeable staff and great selection. We will be back.


Love this place!

Good product