SYNERGY 1:1 Mixed Berry Mints

Product description

SYNERGY Mixed Berry Mints are the best of both worlds, thanks to equal parts CBD and THC. These easy-to-dose mints produce a well-rounded entourage effect that’s greater than the sum of the individual cannabinoids.


20 mints // 5 mg CBD & THC per mint // 100 mg CBD & THC per pack

*Available in: 40 mint pack in MI, 60 tablet pack in MD


• Nut free / Gluten free / Vegan / Sugar free

• Dixie Edibles are triple lab tested for consistency and quality

• Small and discreet - perfect to take on the go

• SYNERGY yields a more balanced and mild experience with additional anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects than THC alone

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7 reviews

8 months ago
5 stars

Relaxation and pain relief

The 1:1 ratio helps keep my head from preventing the pain relief I need for my fibromyalgia. I also used this post surgery once I had recovered enough to start walking and gently exercising again. Very helpful!
3 years ago
5 stars


Take this often and love it.
1 year ago
4 stars

Effective, But Could Be Improved.

These tablets are a relatively low dose and balanced product that can be quite effective in inducing and sustaining sleep. It contains tulsi root, which purportedly has significant antistress and antianxiety properties. It is intended to be dissolved in the mouth, which quickly reveals the negative aspects of this product: it is very slow to dissolve, and has a less than pleasant taste, a combination of weed and tart flavor that only minimally resembles mixed berries. For the best value, this should be purchased in bottles of 60 rather than 20.
3 years ago
4 stars

not yummy but

it's not god awful either. it tastes like weed, big surprise. They get the job done and I'll feel good after a 30 minute to an hour wait. Enjoy taking one at night so I can stay relaxed and asleep. They do take a while to dissolve, but I'm ok with that.
4 years ago
2.8 stars

Terrible taste

In theory, I love these "mints". Small and discreet. Easy to take on the go. But they taste absolutely horrific. I love tart candy but these are so tart they are disgusting. They don't taste like berry at all. 10 mg each is really weak too. I use edibles for chronic pain and I can take up to 80 mg's at a time. So I'd have to suffer thru 8 of these dissolving in my mouth to get to my normal dose. I won't be buying these again. And I'm sorry I bought 2 boxes. :(
1 year ago
5 stars

1 year ago
3 stars

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