Indica Chocolate Taffy Chews | 100mg

Product description

"Indica chews and chill" is the ideal way to describe the effects of these deliciously rich chocolate taffy chews. Each low calorie piece contains 10mg of THC, with ten chews in each package.

Known to provide a relaxing "body buzz", an indica chew is great to consume when you would like to unwind and decompress.

Each batch of high grade cannabis oil used to make Cheeba Chews™ is tested at three critical stages…The Flower, The Oil, The Edible…to ensure each individual chew is consistently infused.

Gluten, Peanut Free.

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5 reviews

1 year ago
5 stars


But can never find them anymore
1 year ago
5 stars

love them

great tasting edibles at a decent price.
7 months ago
4 stars

Tastes meh but packs a punch

Chocolate taffy was kind of weird, tasted fine but there's a lot better tasting edibles out there. If you need something that will couch-lock you or help you go to sleep then this is a great way to go. It really dries up the eyes too.
Eric 12
9 months ago
1 star

not as bad as apple/strawberry

these you can actually manage to remove from the plastic within a minute or I still enjoy these from time to time...but the others they make are horrible don't buy them
1 year ago
5 stars

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