Central Ave Compassionate Care Inc - Ayer

4.6 stars by 110 reviews
dispensaryAyer, Massachusettsmedical
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4.6 stars

Caring and knowledgable

Nice bunch people that take the time to answer all your questions and take the time explain things. They have helped in many ways already.

Great selection and customer service

Been going here since it opened. Always have a great selection of products and great customer service from the staff. They stand behind their products with the early cartridge batteries were flaky. Can get busy, especially on Sundays when they run special sales. I usually send it my order online so that I dont have to wait around when I arrive. Thanks.

Great Customer Service

Although only a medical dispensary, Compassionate Care is high on my favorites for dispensaries. Their customer service and staffing is what makes me go back to them in particular. While waiting to place your order, you can relax and wait for a staff member to come over and help. If you're not sure about what to get, ask. They know what they're talking about. Wonderful employees and customer service. I highly recommend them 😊

Really great service and product

I was intrigued by the new Pax Era and this location was the only place in the area that is carrying it. So I took a drive it to visit them. I arrived and after filling out the necessary new patient paper work, I was asked to sit and wait for the next available staff to assist me. Within a minute someone came over to me and sat and we discussed my needs. The staff was incredibly knowledgeable and very helpful in recommending products that would best suit my needs. I received my products and was in my way. The dispensary itself is very nicely laid out, clean, and the leather waiting chairs are very comfortable. The only thing I could suggest improving is the menu on the website doesn’t match what’s in the store. I was intrigued by one strain I saw on their online menu, but they said that they must have run out.

Knowledgeable and friendly with broad inventory

I have been a patient visiting Central Ave Care since 2016. They are always updating their offerings to provide the best products available. The welcoming and knowledgeable staff are always helpful in making selections to best meet my needs. They are also locally owned and operated which is surprisingly uncommon in this emerging market.

Fast, Friendly and Super Helpful.

Each dispensary different. This set up is user friendly and comfortable. Nikki and Tate took care of me. Both were easy to talk with, professional, and up to date with store deals and happenings. They were talking and helping before I finished filling out my 1st timer forms. Questions were answered, products purchased and all deals/discounts offered and applied. Left completely satisfied and looking forward to next time.

Friendly & Helpful Staff!

I go to Compassionate Care for all of my medicinal needs. I can't say enough good things about this location, the way it's set up, how it continues to evolve and improve and perhaps their greatest asset a crew of employees that are all professional and passionate about what they do. There's Eric OG, Aisha, Mike, Dani, Sinead, and Nikki that have advised and assisted me in the patient area many times. They are always very patient and knowledgeable about their current products and they really take the time to engage with patients in order to understand their individual needs. Also, more recently I have been assisted by some newer staff, like Tim, Tate and Maddy and you can already see the eagerness to learn and engage with patients. Also, the security team that includes Steve and Bob and sometimes Suzanne are always courteous professional and understanding. Easily a 5 star operation, ownership should be proud of what they've put together in Ayer.

Excellent service

Always a good experience. Placed my first online order the other day. No hiccups. Order was filled properly, walked in and out in minutes. Thanks Cacci.

cool places

good flower good people everything is perfect

Excellent service

The staff is wonder

Complete staff turnover, lousy service

I placed a pick-up order online, received a text that my order was ready, and proceeded to sit in the waiting room for 30 plus minutes. I'm still waiting writing this review. Politely asked when my order would be ready (after a guy who came in after me was taken care of first), I was rudely told to have a seat. News flash - I actually have a fair amount of pain sitting for long periods. So rude, I doubt I'll be back.
Central Ave Compassionate Care Inc - Ayer
Hello, thank you for taking the time to share feedback about your recent experience. I am sorry to hear you had a bad experience with your Online Reservation. We have the Online Reservation system in place to help speed up the ordering and purchasing process, and it appears you did not catch us at our best. We earnestly appreciate your honest feedback, and we will be using this information to touch up the process, and help ensure this doesn't happen again to you, or any other patients that come into our dispensary. I would like the opportunity to help make this right for you if you can reach out to us directly at info@centralavecare.org. Simply make reference to this review, and we will reach back out to help come up with a resolution for you. Thank you again for choosing Central Ave for your medical cannabis needs, and please do not hesitate to reach out if you need anything else.
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Nice place

I drove 45 minutes to get some Rythm Brownie scout and wow was it worth it. I am not the type to even pay these dispensary prices but I think the rythm line might change that. I hate the feel to the entrances of these places but the staff was pretty friendly once I was in. Clean and comfortable( except maybe for the odd moment while your waiting for your meds lol)

Ripping off patients

It’s a shame this dispensary has such good products but only cares about profit and not actually helping medical patients. They jack prices of products purely for their own gain and profit. It sucks a place that is supposed to provide medicine doesn’t care about ripping off medical patients. The manager I spoke to was extremely rude as well. Coming from someone who used to spend thousands at this dispensary I will not be giving them anymore business.
Central Ave Compassionate Care Inc - Ayer
Hello, thank you for taking the time to share this feedback. I understand you are concerned about our pricing, and also your recent experience with our staff. Delivering a positive and welcoming atmosphere for our patients is something that means a lot to us, and it is important that we help make this right for you. We do have some options that can help with the cost of your medicine, and we would enjoy the opportunity to go over those details with you further, and also get more details on your experience to help make things right. You can reach out to us via info@centralavecare.org, or by giving us a call at 978-772-2273. Thank you again for reaching out, and we hope you continue to choose Central Ave for your medical cannabis needs.
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Friendly staff

Very nice staff, welcoming building with a good vibe. Wish the concentrates were in house, most is from INSA I assume since that’s what I got. The terps were prettt week for a live product but it was a good first time deal so I can’t complain! If you’re in the area give em a shot!

Mmmmmm COOOoooooKieeeesszzz

I ate one of their 60mg cookies with my fish oil, about an hour ago. The cookie was very good. Soft, chewy, surprisingly good flavor. Most edibles that I have tried in the past have always had an overpowering cannabis oil taste. Not these cookies. They wAER Ehu? wat? watz gowin awne? hU!H? ummm. STooPid rABBit!?! huhh? wat? guuh kcoopkie BuRps... spinnyyy wEEEEeeEEe wowh!!! MoRfIuis!!! Im stkc in da mAtrixxxy kinda stuff wat?!?! Cookie good. Weed good. I be back.

Better everyday

I like Central Ave for many reasons. They have a very nice facility. It is run a little different, more personal than other dispensaries. I don't find this to be a bad thing. I have found that unlike other dispensaries I have gone to, you get what you pay for so to speak, their discounted strains are not typically because of an abundance of product. It is discounted because of quality, so go for the higher priced product. I very much dislike their packaging choice of pouches, and I love the fact that you can stack discounts.

Central Ave (is) Compassionate Care

The facility is very well kept, and the staff is knowledgeable. They always strive to ensure the patient is completely satisfied with every aspect of their experience with them, and are very receptive to the patient's needs. They truly have compassion, so it's no wonder they have the name they do! Thank you too everyone at Central Ave Compassionate Care


Great products, friendly staff, and perfect delivery service! On time with updates!

Exciting new find super helpful

This has been my favorite dispensary so far.everything from the mobile website to the incredible easy location .not to mention they have so many concentrates which is what we’re all looking for anyways right!? Christian was awesome and answered every single question easy when I needed and science breakdown when I wanted ... love it

Very nice location, great staff, awesome products

I went to visit Compassionate Care for the first time a few days ago in Ayer, Ma on Central Ave. I had a very nice time at this place. The 25 min drive was all back roads and very relaxing. The inside of Compassionate Care is very nice, I love the ceiling and the lighting design style. I ended up buying a few prerolls and an eighth of Pineapple Express. The Dakini Kush really helped me with falling asleep the night when I got home. I will visit again! Thank you to David for helping me! Have a nice day