Cathedral City Care Collective North

4.7 stars by 197 reviews
dispensaryCathedral City, CArecreational
Open Now 8:00am - 10:00pm
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4.7 stars

Bomb bud 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Great friendly service and great prices bomb bud 💥🔥💥🔥💥

Dope Service

Always have a good time in this place. All the employees are knowledgeable and respectful. The Lounge is a plus as well. I recommend this place for sure.

Easily the best shop I ever been to

This spot is a true 5 star spot, the lounge is dope amazing staff you can not do wrong coming here. Only wrong you can do ks going to another dispensary

Best experience and nothing but good vibes 🤙

I will be back & I highly recommend this place to anyone who wants the best stuff in the city 👍

Great weed and tacos

I was there today Friday right before we all went to Coachella. They had the best free tacos my girlfriend got her hair done for free. By the way they have the best wax around!!! They also had a great lounge to go to right before Coachella. You can smoke in their longe.

free hamburgers food truck on 4/20 ❤️❤️love it

I love this place everyone is so knowledgeable and friendly and they carry such a great selection!! Thank you guys for the extra gift love the glasses!!!!

Awesome 1st time experience!

My girlfriend and I took a day trip to check out Palm Springs and I also figured I’d check out this cannabis lounge while I was in town (they don’t exist in LA). When I entered the staff were very helpful and nice. I explained that I had never hit a dab before. Within 10 minutes I was hitting my first dab in their lounge, which is connected to the retail shop. Before I get to the lounge experience, I just want to say, they had a great selection and awesome pricing. Back to the lounge experience. Once you step foot in the lounge they have bongs, pipes, blunt wraps, joint papers, lighters, and a dab machine, all for you to use if you’d like (they give you a complimentary alcohol pad to sanitize whatever it is you want to smoke out of). Also while I was in there, people were smoking a $500 BLUNT! They were nice enough to let me hit it a few times too lol. Long story short I HIGHLY recommend coming to this shop to buy and try!


Nice people. Happy hour rocks!

Had a bad experience

Walked in there trying to buy a gram of wax and a gram cartridge even the pen itself and the guy was super rude cool at first but when I started asking questions about the cartridges he was getting frustrated for no reason I'm from Oregon to btw so out of state and he was explaining that I can only use the 3 or 4 brands they had there for the pen so I was asking more universal questions and he just got rude and I just got my id back and left will never go back !


Was very pleased with my first visit. My budtender was very helpful and knowledgeable. Prices reasonable. Will definitely return.

a true gem

been here a few times now and each time has been a pleasant experience. never a long wait in the lobby, and the budtenders have all been very knowledgeable and helpful. cant wait to sesh in the lounge!

Everyone was nice

Nice place, they have a large inventory of produce. I have a medical card I was given 10% off for that and as a new patent I should have gotten 10% more off, but I was told I could get both discounts. So I was thinking about this, no reason I should not have received the new patent discount. So I guess I would not be able to receive any discount offered by them. Little disappointed.

Horrible first experience

I have honestly never bought weed from a dispensary so I wasn't really sure what I was getting myself into. I went to the first guy i saw and i showed him my pen. He explain how the pen worked and the pieces we can use. The first thc oil i picked out was $30 and than picked out another for $30 as well. He explain if we were first time buyers we would get 10% off. WELL first off he charged me $10 extra no 10% off they failed to mention taxes were going to be an extra $23. the manager was involve they said i was going to get a free preroll +$13 and a text confirming ill recieved my money back because it was a card. DIDNT recive any of that and the piece i bought for the pen didnt even fit! Check before you buy they are SCAMMMERS!
Cathedral City Care Collective North
Palm Springs
We apologize for you experience. Most of our vape cartridge are a standard 510/710 thread so they are designed to be compatible with most batteries. We apologize if yours didn’t fit, we can definitely get that switched out for you. And as far as taxes we are compliant with all state and local taxes which are 33% we offer a 10% discount for all new patients. As far as being overcharged, the reason was because the product was mistagged and that’s our fault so we are sorry, but we did honor that price because it was our mistake. And we did process the refund on our end, as explained because it’s a card it will take a day or two to see the return. We can definitely print out the receipt for you showing that it was refunded. Again we apologize for your experience. Stop by and ask for either Meagan or Richie and they can take care of your pen not working for you.
Official Response

🔥🔥🔥🔥luv this spot

Hottest spot 🔥fo sho great and really friendly service staff is so cool chilled out spot luv it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥thx Jesus lol I will be back fo sho

Great selection chill vibe

This will be my go 2 spot wen I visit California I called 2 see if they had a particular brand they did an actual held it until I got there which I only came 4 the last 2 jars they had but ended up spending a few hundred more on a few other strains just cause of the knowledge dropped by the tender money well spent. The lounge was pretty cool with all the tv's an the pool table but u gotta find at least a gamecube with mario kart an super smash bros no stoner can resist at least one good game of Mario kart

First time patient

Excellent customer service! Recommend 100% vibe is hella cool

Amazing Service and Great Prices

C4 is a top of the line dispensary, Great customer service and they really know what they are selling and dont mine sharing that knowledge of what your buying. Definitely going back when i go back cathedral city

Cool place

Heard great reviews, headed there now!

Very Disappointing

I wanted to try a new med shop since I was out in the area, the prices here seemed to be pretty good and the bud I was shown by the budtender was decent. I selected two eighths at $35 each, and because I was a FTP, was supposed to get 10% off. Somehow, the total was just shy of $90, with the discount. I would've appreciated signage telling me tax wasn't included in price, or even what the tax rate was, since it was 35-40%, somewhere in that ballpark. Kush would've been fairly priced if it was actually $35, for $45 I expect a little better. Also, no one mentioned there was a smoking lounge next door! I noticed a sign pointing towards it on my way out but assumed it was a bar next door, would have been nice to know there was a safe place to medicate there. Staff was friendly but as a first time patient would've really appreciated a rundown on the tax situation, I've been to other dispensaries that charge tax but there is usually signage or info on their weedmaps about it, or the budtender gives a rundown when you enter. Also, the icing on the cake, when I got home, one of the packages wasn't even sealed! Still looked to be full but isn't the whole point for it to be sealed up tight? Totally disappointed at the experience, the weed here is nice and you can get your exact THC/CBD count, but remember to factor in that tax.

Open doors are always worth looking through

It is with a bit of humility that I admit how amazing this place truly is. My first experience with them did not go so well, in fact I couldn't even get in because of my service dog. If you read Yelp review I originally left it was very discouraging. But then Richie, reached out to me and invited me to come back in, so I did. It has turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. If you decide to visit make sure you go through the lounge on your way out, maybe even sit down and share a few stories or play a game of pool or watch some of the football games on the big screen TVs and just enjoy a little the product. The staff is knowledgeable friendly and shares a lot. if you're driving through the desert it's only 2 minutes off the freeway and 2 minutes back on, and trust me, it is an incredible little trip interruption******* I would also like to point out, since if you read my Yelp review you will see I was once one of them, but you've got to wonder what the motivation of the few people that gave this business a 1-star rating was? Everyone give them a 5-star except for one or two people? My grandma used to say hahaha******