Orange Fuel


TASTE + SCENT // Earthy Highlights, Hint of Orange

SENSATION // Euphoric Relaxation, Uplifting

WHEN TO USE // Nighttime

HYBRID // 31.2% THC   0.0% CBD

One Eighth Ounce (3.5 GRAMS)

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4.6 stars

Tastes Amazing! 🍊

This strain is so wonderful! It has the best citrus taste! 🍊 I was able to smoke this for my wake & bake, mid day, & right before bed. 🔥

Not bad

Good nose but weak smoke overall...was a bit disappointed tbh.

It tastes like orange juice

It was my first time trying CRU. And it was really good the nuggs broke up nice it had en amazing smell. Strain Reviews on YouTube. Bob Barker strain reviews. Check it out

Top Quality

Paid $50 with tax and this stuff is as dank as $65 strains!

Amazing Strain!

I echo the sentiments seen in other review. This is a heavy cerebral high that comes on fast! Strong orange overtones overwhelm the senses, giving way to a fully-functional high that does fade away quicker than others. I tend to have anxiety issues with a fairly heavy sativa session and this gem left me feeling calm, cool and collected. I have not been able to find out a lot about this strain yet, but it absolutely seems to be an 'agent orange' based hybrid and we absolutely love it! Good job on this one Cru.

Cerebral and Euphoric Sativa

One of the best sativas I've ever had without a doubt. Heavy aroma of orange peel and allspice, and the taste matches that. A 10 minute session with my vape had me heavily stoned but not couchlockes. A very mental high with a good deal of euphoria, I recall being particularly engrossed in the episode of Brooklyn 99 I was watching. High lasted about 2-2.5 hours, and very enjoyable throughout. I would definitely grab this strain again!

Chill and Focused

Time seemed to slow down after a long hard day of work. Tending to fields and structuring the young minds, this was definitely a pain reliever sleeper strain that after I partook... I felt I wanted more just for the slight citrus orange taste. However after one bowl, and what seemed to be 10 mins, I was in a euphoric relaxed state yet focused on nightly tasks and planning future ventures into the wasteland. Nightfall came quick due to fires in the hills, I’ll make sure to keep an eye on wind direction throughout the night. Stay Safe and light up!

it's not 30 plus thc

This product has been label to have 30 plus thc levels ,however once you ask the clubs they tell you it was a mistake and that it's only 20 plus thc that was a month ago by the way.the picture hasn't been updated since then.I spend alot of money on your products i just don't want any confusion it's easy to switch to other brands


Orange stink and it's potent. All around fire

So tasty

It really has those orange terpenes. It tastes super clean and fresh. This was the first pre-packaged flower I've tried and I was pleasantly surprised. Great sized nugs. Expertly trimmed. Fantastic uplifting high.

Super tasty super chill.

This is some pretty good flower. Just tried this orange fuel for the first time. Has a nice citrusy flavor. Def want to try other strains now.
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