Duct Tape by COTC

Indica | Cream of the Crop Gardens

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Cream of the Crop's Duct Tape originates from a phenotype bred by Archive Seed Bank. With the parents of GG#4 and Dosidos, this flower is sure to deliver a substantially relaxing and blissful high. The harvested bud retains an excellence of the strain’s flavor profiles, terpene caliber, appearance, and consistency. This run of Duct Tape has a pungent, sour yet earthy aroma and a hearty, flavorful taste. Upon the first glance, you’ll notice these nugs have emerald and light green leaves sprinkled with deep blues and orange hairs. These chunky, resin covered flowers deliver a heavy-handed wave of relaxation and euphoria. The uplifting effects are followed up with a dreamy and sleepy state.

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