The Simple Tincture - Sativa

Product description

Crazy dietary restrictions or food allergies?! Solved. Discreet?! Solved. Shelf stable with a year expiration?! Yep. Sublingual dosing? Yep. Add it to your own food or drinks as an edible? Please do.  Meet our Simple Tincture, which earned it's gentle smoky flavor with no solvents used in extraction ~ just the ladies sweet talkin THC into coconut oil with some heat and good music :)  50mg of THC in each bottle (contains 10 servings of 3ml TINC = 5mg THC), and the measured dropper is included.  With each bottle sold, Lady Gray will be donating .50 to a local Alaskan charity ~ we're grateful to support those doing good stuff right here at home :)    As always, enjoy and feel free to share your experience with us at ~ you're why we're here! 

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