Elation - THC Infused Intimate Lubricant

Product description

We are so excited to share this bit of magic with you!  Yes, it goes directly on your lady parts.  You can trust us to use only the highest grade organic coconut oil because of its natural PH balancing and anti microbial properties.  4 sprays equals approximately 5 mg of THC and that’s a great place to start but you’ll have to experiment with what works best for your body.  It’s been said THC dilates the capillaries and increases blood flow in the smallest blood vessels which enhances microcirculation and magnifies sensitivity and sensation.  Once applied, you’ll need to give it 20 minutes to an hour to fully absorb and become active on sensitive areas.  No, it will not get you high in the traditional sense (many say enjoying a bit of smoke as a pregame only enhances the use of this product), many report more of a localized sensation of pleasure.  No, it will not make your lady parts smell like marijuana.  It is oil based so may not be used with condoms.  It could possibly show up in your partners drug test if it enters their blood stream (small razor nics, ingesting it, etc…).  Many women report more intense, longer lasting and easily repeating sexual peaks.  Surprise your girl with this and be the hero.  MIKE DROP.  You.  Are.  Welcome.  And yes, we do appreciate fan mail.     

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