Black Orchid Smalls

$45.00per 1/8 oz
Product description
Total THC23.4%

Densely resinous flower and high THC levels are the trademark of this powerhouse Indica. Black Orchid’s lineage is a cross between Gelato and WB’s 1996 cut of OG Kush. Aromas of sweet citrus candy and fresh flowers are lightly hinted by earthy pine and a hint of gas. The deep body high is long lasting and perfect for those looking to relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety, loss of appetite, nausea and acute pain.

FlowerAmmoniaBerryBlack OrchidEarthyGigglyHappyRelaxed
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10 reviews

2 months ago
4 stars

It was ok

Just some good smoking loud, smells and looks great but the high is a 4 outta 5
14 days ago
1 star

Black orchid

This stuff flat out sucks. It tests at 20%. Got a buy one get one free and both the strains I got were terrible. Haha the guy who reviewed thought he was getting 14 grams for $38. What an idiot. This stuff actually cost me $54 plus tax for a lousy 8th of brick weed. Tastes like Mexican low grade.
9 months ago
5 stars

Absolutely Fire

Nice bridge in then a perfect float begins... I think I’m in love!
9 months ago
5 stars


Very nice creamy smoke with a touch of gasoline. There's a reason people are talking about WB..
9 months ago
5 stars

Straight Fire

Super fire it’s in my top two favorites being straight up
9 months ago
4 stars

Black Orchid Smalls

The smell is the classic gelato nose with an OG finish. The nugs are light green with orange hairs. The smaller popcorn nugs are harsh and the flavor goes flat fast. The bigger nugs are where the terps are hiding and the Gelato makes its appearance. The effects onset quickly, hitting the back of the eyes and relaxing the body. This is an Indica dominant Hybrid but has also has an uplifting effect mentally. Would've been better if the taste was consistent throughout but still a good smoke for smalls.
7 months ago
4 stars

It’s good

Not bad, just the name sounds funny!!
4 months ago
3 stars

very small

most batches of small wonderbrett , i have gotten where perfect little buds, this one very small pea size 3 to pack a bowl
4 months ago
1 star

Fix your product listings!

I ordered the wonderbrett (black orchid) that clearly shows 14g on the product listing and photo, but when they arrived it was only 3.5! Unacceptable! They called and blamed Weedmaps that it was a wrong picture and didn’t even provide some kind of resolution. This is probably the last time I will order from them. You could imagine how mad I am and any customer would be too. No excuses.
10 months ago
5 stars

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