CannaSutra Pre-ICO

4.6 stars by 315 reviews
dispensaryStudio City, Californiamedical & recreational
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4.6 stars

Worst shop around

Everything is overpriced!! You don’t get nearly enough for what you pay for! The buds is a joke! And they close whenever they want, in the middle of the day. Don’t waste your time coming here


Yo I came in just to pick up a quick 1/8th and Marissa was the BOMB! she gave honest opinion on the selection and amazing service! One of the coolest bud tenders I’ve met in LA thus far! Great product knowledge and quality selection! Outstanding!


Good grief! I just paid $46 for OMG Lorax. What crap!!! Dated 10/01/2018!!!!!!!! How are you guys still selling this from last year??? Seriously this is not right! It's stale, moldy, trichomes are gone! IM not smoking this nasty stale weed!


Great shop.... Great service

First time patient deals fucking suck

First time patient u gotta buy a 8th in order to a 1 free gram. There taxes spend low verbally bit add it up and theyre are the same as the rest of the worthless shoos in NOHO. GOOD FUCKING LUCK.
CannaSutra Pre-ICO
Sherman Oaks / Studio City
Hey, i'm sorry that you did not enjoy your experience. We do tax, but 15 percent less then most PRE-ICO dispensaries. For your second visit, we do give 20% off your entire purchase. We hope you come back in and take that deal in hopes we change your mind.
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Cannasutra is not the same. no way it has 25%thc.
CannaSutra Pre-ICO
Sherman Oaks / Studio City
We apologize that you did not find our Cannasutra strain potent enough. If your tolerance is on the higher side, we have strains from Fade co or other companies that test above 25%. Hopefully, you can come by and give us a second shot! Have a great day.
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i usually hit the hood shops because of the deals and great flower but this one had neither.75 bucks for a bomb eighth and a midshelf eighth.talm bout what high you want just give me something fire idc bout that percentage bs.i could tell the budtender's all this is why i hit the ones in boyle heights last time i ever come here what a ripoff. now i know what it feels to be a robbed

The sweetest budtenders

Great place to shop for Quality buds the staff is friendly and and it's close to Universal Studios and shopping Grapevine compassionate.50% off for 8ths today.

Do it

Nice price on vapes considering the area tho kinda average after tax. Great referel discount but they need some bogo deals for those of us that buy in bulk

Tip Top Shop

I just visited for the first time and the staff were super friendly and very clued up on what they sold. I was very impressed with products, prices and staff. 10/10 . I will be back fo sho.

Great Shop

Super friendly and welcoming staff! Recommend coming here Forsure!

this weed wack

buy somewhere else

Awesome dispensary

Staff is super friendly and they are very informative about all the products and I love the prerolls! Would recommend coming here 😊

Beat shop ever!!!!

This is the greatest shop ever!!! I came in a few days ago and the customer service was excellent & the flowers are bomb!!! 🔥🔥🔥

TOTAL and Complete false advertising!!!

I came in because of the Hype on their Lornax indica which is being advertised at 37.9%. Total lie!!! My Tyson which is only 21% and is stronger. Their price does Not include tax so don't expect to pay the listed price. I Will Never be BACK!!!! Totally dishonest.

5 out of 5 because I can't give it a 6

This is a great dispensary. Lorax and Cannasutra OG are the two strains I usually buy. Very potent. The manager took the time and trouble to explain the tax structure to me. Assortment of products is good. Discounts on 1/4 oz or more. In and out in 5-10 minutes.

Not what it use to be.

I lived behind the shop 8 months ago when Natasha & Lucy & Ashley worked there. And while they weren’t the only reason why this place USED TO BE 🔥🔥 it sure did help. Now a days the bud tenders are cute or whatever but them hoes have some nasty ass attitudes. More importantly though, the bud quality went down. Not tripping about the tax stuff because that just comes with the game, but the quality of the weed is dead ass terrible. LORAX OG used to be my shit when I would go. And it would dead ass leave the most seasoned smoker stuck, couch locked. I’ve gotten better house joints from other places than this paces top shelf. You can go see for yourself but don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Got an 1/8 of Lorax which they falsely advertise as 37% THC. I should have known right there. Anyway after basically having to go with that sincerhey have a total of 3 Indicas to select from. Actually make that 2 they advertise they have Tahoe OG and it’s even on the board when u walk In but for some reason they are out. So I got my 1/8 and it had a couple decent nugs in it but filled the rest of way with tiny leaves and popcorn buds. Wouldnt have been so bad if the weed was actually dried and cured correctly. They served it up to me about 2 weeks too early. So in no way does it have 37 % THC even if they did cure it correctly it wouldn’t. But it’s basically unsmokable. It doesn’t even light up and it tastes like crap.????? ITS SO WET. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS CLUB AT ALL. And oh yeah. Medical patient and they charged me 53$. Any 4 or 5 star review is FAKE Worst top shelf I’ve ever bought ****update****** The weed still sucks and tastes like crap. DO NOT GO HERE SAVE YOUR MONEY AMD YOUR TIME


go elsewhere! this place WAS good, now its basically crap. Lorax is nowhere 37%, taste like some bunk gorilla glue. prepackage is lousy too, bunch of sticks n leaves. Plus budtenders can't handle customers properly, always getting incorrect change. Way better before, they had better service better meds. Male budtender terrible customer skills and unhelpful!

slowly going downhill

this used to be my go-to spot regardless of how far i had to drive to get there. now i live down the street and find myself looking for alternatives. the flower is still good quality but not what it once was, selection has thinned, and the employees aren't friendly and knowledgeable as they were in times past. hope they turn it around, but i'll be taking my business elsewhere until they do.