Rose Water Sauce


Rose Water SauceHarlequin PhenoSativa Dominant HybridSauce is crafted using Raw Garden's single-source Clean Green Certified fresh-frozen, whole-plant flowers. Through advanced crystallization techniques, our sauce is refined into a flavorful concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids.

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3.7 stars

I love raw garden but...

floral rose taste is there 100%, just it also has that weird trim run sativa hair taste to it. never had this problem with any raw garden before this one.

Sweet sativa

This sativa has a very sweet flowery taste that has you relaxing and feeling stress free. It’s good for day time use and you can still fall asleep if you use it at night. Very mellow sativa. I love it 🌹

It's great!

I made this one last me a while and I'm glad I did, it's a nice, powerful little dab that lasts a long while. Really couldn't believe anyone had complaints.

ya P562 your wrong on that one.

I have like 2 dabs left of the strawberry sap #9 and I just picked up the rose water a couple of days ago and the taste is no where near the same. strawberry sap has a nice sweet flavor and rose water just plain tasting like any other wax. Strawberry haze #4 has more similar taste to the sap#9 both fuego 🔥🔥. Rose water is okay theres better flavors out there like the beary swirl or Italian soda 🔥🔥


P562 you’re trippin, it’s not close to strawberry sap cuz it’s harlequin pheno LOL smoke another one!! And it taste like burnt hair. This pheno taste terrible. Just stick with harlequin

No sweet flavor!

Very disappointed on this flavor also, tastes like regular shatter you’d buy in 2016. Waste of money, I’ll play it safe with the flavors I’ve tried before


I'll be the first! This product is Fire!! The closest thing to strawberry sap #9 great strong sativa high packed with diamonds and legit smells like fkn roses!!! So glad i can finally add a reply... No where in my statement I mentioned FLAVOR I agree with all u clapping back. SS#9 is pretty untouchable in that sense I talked about the high, smell and constancy that's all!!
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