Cannabless - Norman

4.1 stars by 92 reviews
dispensaryOklahoma City, Oklahomamedical
405 857 2644
Closed10:30am - 11:45pm

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4.1 stars

first experience shout out Morgan

great vibe nice place great bud

Purple Punch!

Purple Punch from here is some of the best smoke I’ve had in a while, very flavorful, potent hits with a good indica effect. They have a lot of strains discounted but I didn’t want to risk getting something bad, honestly very reasonable price on their slightly higher tier ounces. Budtenders have experience with the product and make good suggestions!

Second try, still not good...

The first time I tried this place, I was excited about the different options and the prices. The smoke was terrible. I’d say their products might be high CBD... but not THC. Yesterday, I tried to this place thinking maybe it was just bad the first time. Nope, still bad. The flower is pretty much just jars of stems. They have some prerolls so I got one of those and same thing as last time, felt like CBD. No THC content again. I’m not sure where this bud is coming from but it’s all stems and doesn’t smell like good bud. Sorry guys but I won’t be back.


I’m so conflicted about this review. I was excited to hear about 100 oz and have previously smoked with a friend who just got a 100oz from this place. But when i go in both budtenders asked me if it was my first visit. I said yes. Then when i look on Weedmaps it says i was suppose to get a free pipe or penny preroll for my first time. And they didn’t tell me so that was wasted. It’s not s lot of smoke so I’m not tripping but still it’s a little annoying. The smoke is a hit or miss i guess. My friends stash was greattt but the stash i just got is okay I’ve had way better bottom shelf. But it’s definitely not the worst by any means. So it’s a great place is you’re in a pinch and wanna get a little bit to stock up for a few days.

not open late

got excited they were open late only to get there see the open sign and go in and be told no we are closed ha with a note on the door saying now open till midnight ugh

super nice!

The budtenders here are very nice and helpful!

Inexpensive old school favorites

Pass on the Vape cartridges, but go for the northern lights, and the silver haze flower. Very reasonable eighth, very smooth smoke on either one. They have it on hand quite often.


Flower smelled weird in a bad way. Not pretty bud, poor trim job, unimpressive and short high. Would not consider this to be medicinal or even worth smoking, regardless of price. Tasted like grass, and I could see the leaves and stems in the pre rolls. Like they ground straight trim or something. Wouldn’t recommend smoking this.

Garbage Vape Carts

First they were out of THC vape cartridges for over a week. Then I bought two. First one doesn‘t work at all, just sucks air thru. Second one stopped working half way thru. Cheap garbage. No refunds, no exchanges. They sell cheap crap.

Just not great

I've been to this dispensary multiple times and there's always an issue. Sometimes the wait is terribly long and the flower is just not quality. I keep coming back here for the prices but I'm always disappointed with the product. I think like once I got some good flower here but lately it's been crap.


Got my card & wanted Cannabless to be my first dispensary because I already knew they had the best prices around! The guys here were so nice, friendly & helpful. I'm an old-school 57-year-old and they treated me with respect & took the time to help me. I'll be coming here again & again!

Nice staff and nice buds.

Literally no issues

My new favorite place.

They have my Sour Diesel here which is my #1 fav strain and its within my budget too. I'm on SSI so I am constantly looking for deals and will drive 30 miles to save money. I cant tell you how happy I was to find this place. I snatched half an ounce and it was every bit as good as anywhere else. Plus their T-shirts are 10 bucks and they had my size 4x!! It made my day to find a dispensary close to me that has what I need. And their other products were priced really well. I hope they stay like that. I know you have to beat the competition to gain customers when you first open but they have a customer for life here if they keep it up!

pretty bad

you will pay more for seeds then actual flower

friendly, open late

good recognizable strains, reasonable prices. nick and kathy were both really friendly and helpful. will be looking forward to seeing the selection grow at this cute easy to find location

cool place

the people are very nice... what flower they have is pretty good their $40 half ounce is now powder so that I'm not happy with outside of that none of that place

Amazing prices and awesome staff

Amazing prices. I love how they say it’s a certain amount with tax included. I hate going somewhere just to have tax tagged onto the price. Wish other places would give you the price with tax so you can be better prepared. Customer service is impossible to beat! They are so nice and knowledgeable I love this place. I will keep coming back over and over.


it's okay. I know what I spent for, but I wish they carry better flowers.. way to go guys~

don't shop here

most of the weed there sucks carts are almost always fuckd up never coming back here


I love this place. Came through that area late at night and was happy to find them open until midnight. Helpful and friendly. Awesome pricing.