420 Bomb 1:1 Bath Bomb


55mg  (31mg THC/ 24mg CBD)

Ingredients: CBD & THC infused coconut oil, baking soda, epsom salt, citric acid, essential oils & micah powder  

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3.5 stars

need to stay with consistency

it's a nice product. my partner and I bought them several times. helps with the aches and completely relaxes you. some batch are not that great in consistency. like they fall apart when you open it. we like the ones that dont have the crazy dyes.

it really worked for me

sore muscles and menstrual cramps be gone ❤

meh 🤷‍♀️

It smelled really good & kinda did what every other bath bomb does, with or without the thc/cbd..... the cost compared to the end result is not even near worth it!! Bath bombs are expensive enough. no need to slap on an extra $15 on these specific ones. I don't know about any others, but I'm too cheap to find out!! Still was a lovely scent, maybe just more cbd & less thc since it's not absorbing into your skin anyway.

Don’t waste your $$

Does not feel good on my skin like cheep lotion it leaves film behind, must have harsh chemicals or parabens? Not organic. Don’t waste your money. Bath bomb was not bomb. I waited to try and these and I was so disappointed.

Bath Bomb that is da bomb!

This bath bomb was great post workout! The only complaint is, it will leave your bath with a blue film. So after a very relaxing and refreshing bath, I had to do a light cleaning job so it didn’t dry and become a hard cleaning job. But this bath bomb definitely relaxed me leaving my muscles loose and relaxed. It smells pretty good and leaves your skin soft. You will still have to shower after the bath to feel clean. I will buy again!

love this item

when I have a bad day or just aching in general. this bath bomb does wonder!! not only it sooth your aches. but also leave your skin really soft. I highly recommend it.
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