Root Beer Elixir

Product description

Root Beer has come a long way since its commercial debut in 1800’s. We’ve taken the classic earthy, spicy bite and added pure extracted THC to lighten the mood and help put this beverage in its rightful place. This soda classic finds its highest form yet.


6 mg THC per serving // 100 mg per bottle


• Nut free / Gluten free / Vegan

• Dixie Elixirs are triple lab tested for consistency and quality

• Increased bioavailability + liquid delivery system for faster absorption

• Customize your THC dose to your unique needs

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6 reviews

3 years ago
5 stars

Excellent !!!

Root beer and cannabis were made for each other just like hops in beer. Dixie beverages are by far the best on the market. The cannabis does not over power the drink but complements it. You will find yourself savoring the flavor. Start with the recommended serving about a shot glass and give it time. Because right when you think nothing is going to happen you start to relax, all your aches and pain melt away, and your off on a high that lasts longer than flower or a vape pen.
4 years ago
5 stars

Tasty and Effective

This is my go to when consuming beverage based cannibus products. I personally love root beer and this tastes just like it. Perfect for taking on a hike. It also mixes well with real root beer, a great way to spice up your next root beer float. 🙂
3 years ago
5 stars


I need to find this in Toronto
3 years ago
3 stars


not enough fizz and so sweet thick.
1 year ago
5 stars

1 year ago
5 stars

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