Sugar Tarts

$25.00per 1/8 oz
Product description

Tangy and tart, floral and funky, the uniquely pungent Sugar Tarts drinks in the Santa Barbara sunshine and transforms it into a happy heaviness for the mind and body. This farm favorite can be strong, but its effects tend to come on gradually, full of soothing and comfort, stoney vibes and dreamy thoughts that eventually become an intense desire to lie down and snuggle up. Velvet pajamas in cannabis form.


Feelings: Mellow, Happy, Soothed

Flavor: Berry, Flowery, Funky

Usage: Pushing Pause, Winding Down, Cuddling Up

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21 reviews

3 months ago
5 stars


Yes yes yes yes. More please
13 days ago
4 stars

Not the best, definitely not bad though!

A LOT of stems, but it wasn’t bad. The high was great— I was relaxed but I was still able to accomplish tasks. I would buy again, personally. You get what you pay for!
30 days ago
4 stars

Not bad

This weed has a nice sweet smell and taste but like some other reviews mentioned there's a lot of stems. I paid $25 for the 1/8th and got a deal at my shop i still recommend it for the price if you haven't tried it.
4 stars

Sweet tarts

One of glass house best strains. Good for the price.
1 month ago
2 stars

A little Stemy Nice little

All-around good stuff but seems like just a little bit too much stems for me
2 months ago
1 star

Reviews misleading...

Saw an average of 4.7 before buying this 1/8th. Not sure what people consider good weed anymore but this ish was awful. Small, full of stems, and little to no smell. Its sad we don't get to look or smell the weed first. On two occasions rolled some up in a raw paper and stopped after a few hits each joint. Foul taste, black ash. $30 wasted. Just being real with yall. My first review due to the disappointment
2 months ago
1 star

+1 to Bleevit

I spent so much time fishing stems out of this bud, I understand why it was so cheap. This was my first purchase from glass house farms and can’t say I’m craving for more
6 months ago
5 stars


Just had it for the third time. This and the 1st time were a solid 4 but the 2nd was a 5 because it was fresh tasty and quality for the price! Smokes clean with white ash with really unique terps sometimes I get cherry sometimes I get gelato and the smell is ridiculous too. Seems to be one of glasshouse’s best indicas when it’s fresh!
4 months ago
5 stars

Fuego Fr Fr ⛽️ 1 hitter 🚨

This right here... finna find out 💯 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Fav none OG strain from GHF
4 months ago
5 stars

Absolute gas

Amazing nugs and gives an incredible high
12 months ago
5 stars


Tastes really nice and smokes smooth, also heavy hitting indica that came in at 31% thc & 36 total cannabinoids. Solid
5 months ago
5 stars

Need buds

Need a eight of this
7 months ago
5 stars


Beautiful smell 👅 taste /fresh purple mix outstanding all around glass house makes real great stuff
9 months ago
5 stars

A total showstopper

The perfect flower to enjoy Miles Davis live! Or any movie that you can deeply get into!
9 months ago
5 stars


it’s pretty fire! honestly it hits u a little later than u expect...but fire
10 months ago
5 stars

Sugar Tarts from Glass House Farms

Very potent Indica dominant strain. GHF never disappoints. Tastes and smells amazing with a long lasting high. Enjoy!
12 months ago
5 stars


Great long lasting high, i’m a sativa guy so this shiz surprised the hell outa me lol def cop
4 months ago
5 stars


Can’t beat the price to quality ratio. Fire indica
7 months ago
4 stars

Very solid dank indica hybrid

Dense nugs, great trichome coverage. One of the better Glass House Farms I’ve tried. I would recommend, pretty good THC content at 25%.
5 months ago
3 stars

2nd time...

Buying this brand but for a greenhouse and the price it’s not the best... I choose pacific stone 10/9
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