Mango 1:1 (CBD/THC) - Premium THC POD .5G

Product description


· Taste: Herbal, Mango, Sweet

· Feeling: Relaxing, Euphoric, Uplifting

· Description: A 1:1 pod that offers an equal ratio of CBD and THC infused with fresh mango flavor

Pods1:1 CBD/THCCBDEarthyEuphoricHappyHybridMangoMangoRelaxedSleepySpicy/HerbalSweetTHCUplifted

More about this strain: Mango

Mango was created by the Dutch breeder KC Brains, which crossed its own KC-33 with an Afghani.

According to the breeder, Mango has a skunky and hashy aroma, while its Afghani lineage makes it resistant to mold and fungus. This indica-leaning strain is said to have high CBD levels, making it an ideal candidate for medical cannabis products.

Mango was created by the Dutch breeder KC Brains, which crossed its own KC-33 with an Afghani.

According to the breeder, Mango has a skunky and hashy aroma, while its Afghani lineage makes it resistant to mold and fungus. This indica-leaning strain is said to have high CBD levels, making it an ideal candidate for medical cannabis products.

Top reported strain effects

  • Relaxed

  • Happy

  • Sleepy

Top reported strain flavors

  • Mango

  • Sweet

  • Earthy

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155 reviews

5 days ago
5 stars


made me feel relaxed n chill, made me forget about how corrupt the Govnt is, got it quick wit the pickup option😏.
9 days ago
5 stars


Best🔥 Love the trust and communication🤝
10 days ago
5 stars

Fave cartridge

I love this it’s so smooth and tastes way better than some flavors do
3 months ago
5 stars

Very Good Medicine with a Lite Stone

I have arthritis in my hips and hands. I use this pod during the day. I switch to a live resin for the evening. I can feel the effects in a moment and then for the next 15 minutes I can feel it move through my nervous system calming my body and easing my mind for the next few hours. Anxiety and depression are muted, so all the medical relief is there. I guess that the CBD cuts back the THC and that's why I can use it during the day and not be too "stoned" but with all the benefits of the THC. This is the pod I get every time it runs out. 5 stars for real.
3 years ago
5 stars

Don’t Listen To The Complaints

Perfect for those with low tolerance, who dislike being too high, and/or like mangos. The flavor was bomb and the high was subtle and light. Definitely the best pod to use when introducing Stiiizy pods to someone with a weak tolerance. BY THE WAY 🤦‍♂️ The reviewers who complained about the strength of this pod’s high need to do their research. For those who don’t know, CBD does NOT get you high (it does have many health benefits though, relieving anxiety being one of them) and actually helps to somewhat suppress the feelings of being high. If you’re the type to become anxious during a high, it’s been recommended that you add some CBD as well to alleviate the reaction and strength of the high. Now, this pod has a THC to CBD ratio of 1 to 1. Just like how hybrid strains can be indica or sativa dominant, the ratio of THC to CBD directly impacts the strength and benefits of the high you get. THC dominant strains like the other Stiiizy pods obviously get you more high than this pod.
2 years ago
5 stars

love the 1:1 ratio

I got the starter pin kit and the Mingo 1 and 1 THC CBD ratio and I have to stay with someone with a chronic medical condition with nerve pain bone pain depression anxiety insomnia it's one of the best cartridges I've ever tried the CBD alleviates my pain immediately and the THC is just enough to where I can function and I'm not too stoned thank you so much!!!!
3 years ago
5 stars

Best CBD Product!

Stop wasting your money on other CBD products. Tried numerous and this is it! The mango is flavorful. The equal ratio of CBD/THC is brilliant. The pain relief this gives versus others is second to none. I'm on my 5th pod and no mechanical/device problems, no pod leaks. I plug my battery in at night, and remove and place the pod upright on my nightstand.
1 year ago
5 stars

It really doesn’t get better than this

This stiiizy mango 1:1 CBD is the best option for relaxation and simply being in a good mood. During the time that I use this cart, it would help me relieve stress and anxiety as well as simply calm me down in times of high emotion and frustration. It also made listening to music feel like an absolute dream. This goes for any genre from rap to classical. I I also have use this cart with friends and each experience was incredible and bonding. One are the best things to do when using this is sitting down and watching a funny movie. Let me tell you I have used many other Strains of stiiizy carts including the Juicy Melon which is also a 1:1 cbd cart but have had many poor experiences with all of them. However, I can confidently tell anyone who is reading this that every time I used this stiiizy mango, it has been nothing but a good time.
3 years ago
5 stars


Super Dank! Right away you can taste the mango and as soon as u exhale u can feel it all over your body. I use this before i sleep and idk if its just me but this pod burns slower than the other ones. The oil is not as thick as the other pods u can actually move the air bubble around. Relaxing heavy high.
5 stars


I personally go for the higher thc, but due my car accident i tried this pod. Wow, taste great and helped my stomach and back pains. Honestly a subtle high and a very nice combination of relaxing. If youre looking for something to get super high go for the Og, or the Hardcore. This is for that subtle relaxing high. Maybe before a movie, or after working out. Helps the body and gives you what you need. I fell its perfect. im writing this hitting this pod and its great.
3 years ago
5 stars


I have been using STIIIZY for almost 3 months now so it's safe to say I really enjoy their product. They're easier on my lungs than most pens I've tried and although my tolerance is high this little thing does it's job. When I heard they came out with a CBD I quickly got my hand on it. I want to start by saying the flavor is amazing!! You can really taste the mango and it's such a smooth hit each time. It gets you to a very relaxed high feeling that is not over powering. Can't wait for the full gram to come out! Hope to also see you guys expand to more shops.
11 months ago
5 stars

First time trying CBD/THC in vape form

I usually use the 1:1 CBD/THC tincture for suppressing migraines and anxiety during the day while also at night for restful sleep because I have mad insomnia. But, I much prefer this cartridge than taking my tinctures!! I feel the calmness come over me much quicker than the tincture. I also love that I don't get stupid high even with a few hits. It's more of a nice body relaxation and smooth mind feel if that makes sense. Don't taste the mango really but I don't mind since I didn't get it for the flavor anyway :) Will be getting this again.
2 years ago
5 stars

Best Pod for the Overworked Professional

1:1 ratio .5 mg made it the perfect balance for relaxation and stress control. For those short turn arounds, I found the right relaxant. Affective, long enough to enjoy and quick to sober, this was the best Pod that delivers and even help control my days of stress and anxiety. Any Stiiizy user knows the stings, but with the right fizzy drink, this will have you sitting on your couch enjoying life! Better taken if you have a fuzzy companion to chill with.
2 years ago
5 stars

no more period cramps

midol or pamprin doesn’t ease my cramps anymore unless i take like 4 pills and then still wait like 40 mins for it to kick it. but with this pod you can feel the pain relief quick. i took a bunch of hits and i was completely relaxed and pain free. never thought something like this would take away my pain so fast. now i don’t let my period stop me from doing anything😄
5 stars


Like all stiiizy pods, this shit is proper. Lifelong stoner, but this stuff is really a perfect balance of the thc and CBD. While it won’t get me overly high, i find my muscles relaxing and feeling generally loose, when typically I’m very tense and anxious. I’d recommend this to anyone looking to take the edge off significantly, without getting too ripped.
3 years ago
5 stars


I love the look and the tastes of all of them but I have five and I’m still working on figuring out what each is. Please give them some sort of identifier because I’m struggling lol
6 months ago
5 stars


This isn’t a review I have a few questions about this product I use to smoke weed a lot 2 years ago until I got hit with anxiety when I would smoke weed I’ll start to get paranoid and panic then I moved on to stiiizy pods which I bought off people off the street which would sell me fakes ! But now I want to try that 1:1 cbd/thc Whoever reads this do you recommend it ? I heard it benefits a lot of healthy issues but does it benefit anxiety ? Is it good for it ? I have social anxiety I begin to sweat from my palms and at times my heart races and I start to feel slightly desperate And my head just feels off at times like if I’m not there . Just want to get opinions from people who have anxiety and if this product helps to feel relaxed and relieved .
1 year ago
5 stars

Body feels unreal

I was always hesitant to buy Stiiizy’s CBD vapes just because i assumed it wouldn’t get me high and relaxed but this has to be one of their best pods. The high is really mellow and my body felt really heavy and relaxed. Definitely buying this again
2 years ago
5 stars

Love this cartridge!

This CBD cartridge relieves my PMS pain and also anxiety. My absolute favorite cartridge! Just wish the prices would stop going up.
3 years ago
5 stars

This is called real medicine, seriously potent

This is some dank stuff, perfect for people that have pain and don’t want to go the opiate = opposite route, herbal= natural route, good stuff great taste love stiiizy please KEEP it dank don’t be like the others, that’s what makes you great real patients recognize! Stiiizy= pure quality... gives me such an awesome indica body feeling that can’t be explained must be experienced by a patient. Packaging is exclusive and you need to push a hole with your thumb/finger to get the pod out it’s very easy and the directions are on the box of course this is to be 100% compliant with ca’s new packaging regulations regarding child-safety which is cool that they care. Of course you should never leave medicinal products near children or pets but it’s good to know at least they do their part thanks STIIIZY, also like the fact that the batch and thc/ cbd is listed in mg and the thc in % and mg so you have a better idea of what your getting.
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