La Familia -White Chocolate Horchata 100mg

Product description

No matter how high your head is in the clouds, the nutty goodness of Horchata chocolate is sure to bring you back down to earth. In the best, tastiest way possible, of course! Our inspiration for this delicious creation comes from a well-loved beverage from the Latin world, Horchata. Traditionally, Horchata is a smooth drink crafted from ground almonds, nuts, rice, and seeds and spiced with cinnamon and sometimes vanilla. The earthy concoction blends together to form a sweet and creamy cup that has stood the test of time. When you grow up with horchata being a staple treat in your culture, it becomes an obvious choice for flavoring. After years of perfecting the recipe of horchata confections, we’re proud to debut our chocolate so people far and wide can fall in love with just as we have!

ChocolatesEnergeticEuphoricHigh DosageHungryHybridLow DosageSleepyTinglyVanilla
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4 reviews

1 year ago
5 stars

Best edible I’ve ever tried

This horchata bar is the best damn edible I’ve ever tried the horchata flavor is spot on and it smacks like a damn train I take 30mg at a time while also smoking a whole lot of flower or dabs and by the time the chocolate hits I feel like taking a long nap or going to a buffet ! I love this brand and I will be trying everything they ever come out with 😌
1 year ago
4 stars

Good Good

Critics: I would like the high to be a little stronger in each dose. I would eat a full 10mg and get a really nice high but a better serving would be 15mg for me to achieve that good good. Perhaps a good choice for someone just starting out on edibles. Compliments: Once I got that good good the high was phenomenal. What ever strains they are using are good strains. The taste is probably one of the best I’ve ever tried in an edible, Very creamy and enjoyable.
5 months ago
3 stars

Too sweet nice high tho

I’m a light weight smoker I literally I smoke every couple months. So I ate the whole bar and got rly high I didn’t enjoy the high I felt rly sick but also cus the chocolate bar was extremely sweet. It taste like I pour a glass of sugar down my throat. It didnt rly taste like horchata either taste more like a sugary cinnamon chocolate bar
1 year ago
2 stars

Not very strong

I tried the 200 mg horchata bar. Compared to similar chocolate bars, this brand is the weakest. The chocolate tastes good and all, but I’m looking for effectiveness in my edibles.
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