Dynasty OG

$20.00per 1/8 oz
Product description

If you like everything about OG Kush but are ready to take it next-level, Dynasty OG is the one to try. It'll put your body to rest but give your mind a boost. Our newest offering, this is one you won’t find anywhere else. With roots in Colorado, this 85 percent OG Kush blend was originally a gift to Josh from a mysterious friend. We think it’s the closest in the Josh D family to replicating the heaviness of OGKS.

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5 reviews

7 months ago
5 stars

Dynasty OG smalls. Another Solid Med From Josh D

Just had my first taste of cultivar, Dynasty OG, an eighth of "Smalls" from The Reserve. Opening the package, I took whiff and was smacked with terpenes! (Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene) This is a highlight that I have consistently appreciated/noticed about all of the flower I have gotten from Josh D and Local Cannabis Co. I'm guessing it's their masterful use of Mixed Light cultivation at their impressive facility that produces such terp potency. Whatever it is, I love it. So far this presentation of OG Kush is a unique one. A gentle body relief hinting at Indica influence falls behind a pleasant, calming yet active mental experience. Depression replaced with interest. I found that having a little more greatly enhanced/increased the physical/body relief. In short: Dynasty OG should have fans for medical and recreational uses. I'm already looking forward to next time.
4 months ago
5 stars

Dynstany og

Yes , it was very good and very Stoney,! I like the head high along with the body high hard to find to do both but, I feel this one did a wonderful job . Thank you kindly ....... love all the info I always get whenever I go to the clinic,,,, ....
10 months ago
5 stars

Delicious, great head high.

Wonderful taste burned or vaped, the high is really euphoric with a clear head high, relaxing but not tiring. Amazing OG
10 months ago
5 stars

It’s good

I recently had the pleasure of trying several Josh D strains, and so far, they’re all good... This strain is some true gassy OG fire... I enjoyed this very much.
1 year ago
5 stars

Excellent Pick

You can’t go wrong with any of the Josh D strains. Big buds, piney citrus scent, and great smoking choice overall.
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