Botanico- Adult Use

4.8 stars by 792 reviews
dispensary Denver, COrecreational
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4.8 stars

My fave dispensary in CO & I’ve been to most!

Hands down my favorite dispensary in Colorado. I used to work in the cannabis industry in Colorado running sales for a wholesale company so I’ve been to A LOT of dispensaries. I never sold product to botanico, but have shopped there twice now and both times have been amazing experiences. Their shop is clean, well designed, with private rooms to consult with budtenders. Their prices are better than anywhere I’ve seen. Their buying experience, if you’re on a VIP list which they added me to before I ever went there, is like the best part of buying on the black market but also the best parts of the legal market. Absolutely shop here. I won’t go anywhere else now except when my industry friends hook it up. Take it from an insider this place is AMAZING.

Awful Customer Service

Normally I am very satisfied with the service and quality products, but this last visit was not a good experience. It shouldn’t take someone 45 minutes to walk in and out for a quarter ounce, while being helped. People were being checked in after me, while laving with their products, as I was being helped by an employee. I should have left, even though I was mid-transaction. Granted, it was slightly busy don’t get me wrong. The employees’ computer apparently stopped working, however, they had multiple computers going. They didn’t collaborate to put a pause on the current transactions, so an earlier customer can check out. Would have taken about a minute or two. They threw in a “discounted” joint for the inconvenience that I still had to pay for. I will however, give them another chance due to the consistent product quality. This review will be changed, if they can change their customer service experience as a collective whole.

The worst customer service I’ve ever experienced

I was excited to bring my parents to Botanico, they live in France and have never been to a legal dispensary. When we arrived, the front door host was on the phone the entire time while he checked our IDs, didn’t say ‘hello’ or ‘welcome’...not a good start. Next, our budtender took us into one of the rooms (no friendly greeting, no smile, nothing) where we had to stand awkwardly while he spent about 5 mins putting our info into the computer. I asked, “what’s new? What are your bestsellers?” to which he replied, “I honestly couldn’t tell you. I can tell you what’s the strongest!” At this point I was really annoyed and just wanted to leave...I mean, dude - read the room! My 50+ year old parents who are trying cannabis for the first time aren’t exactly looking for ‘the strongest!’ Bought 1g of a strain I happened to be familiar with, and got the hell out of there, feeling pretty uncomfortable and embarrassed by the whole experience. Never ever going back there again.

menu hot updated

I went there today and was told your menu hadn't been updated in weeks. such a disappointment after spending over $600 here in 2 visits. I understand it takes effort but everything does. are you simply PROFITS OVER PATIENTS? You make this industry look bad this problem is rampant. you can do better and must do better.

From Michigan. And this place is amazing

I heavily visit dispensary’s back home and I can say that this place is great. Bud tender was extremely patient and willing to answer all of our questions. Not to mention that they had fire ounces for $100! Unheard of back in Michigan. Totally my goto place each time I’m in Denver area!

My favorite dispensary in Denver

Great prices and bomb weed. Picked up an 1/8 of Space Queen which is hard to find. Was pleased with the high. I always stop here when in Denver. Great service and staff. They aren’t kidding about taking half a gummie on first dose. I was flying!

Friendly and Welcoming

One morning after finishing with an appointment in Denver's RiNo neighborhood I wandered into Botanico after seeing their sign. i must admit that I had not planned on buying anything, I wanted to see how expensive and bougie a dispensary in RiNo would be. Botanico is in RiNo yes, but they are NOT snooty. they are super friendly, down to earth, and welcoming. Upon entrance I was ushered to my own private room of products by a wonderful female budtender. She made me feel like I had been a customer for many years not a walk in first timer. she took the time to answer all my questions before making a selection. i didnt feel the pressure to hurry up and choose that I often feel at other well known corporate chain shops. Botanico is also NOT expensive. i was able to purchase grams of flower - Any Strain - for just $5 each! so if you want a relaxed environment and nice knowledgable staff make Botanico in RiNo your first choice for a dispensary.

Amazing customer service!

A little busy around the time I went but the way the employees handled it and the transaction was amazing will definitely be going back !!!!

never disappointed

absolutely love this place. customer service. knowledge and time in and out are amazing!

Favorite dispensary

It took me a couple months to find this place, I’m from out of state. But this place has the best selection and good prices on their gas eights. Highly recommended :-)

First clinic, My only clinic

Didn’t feel rushed, budtender Aaron, was knowledgeable an presented product in a great manner! No snobs here! Down to help! Also gave some advice on good eats an good head shops in the area. First timer with a clinic? Definitely should be on your list to check out. Careful, might be your only stop!

Nice woman behind the counter

But their pre rolls suck. I bought three different ones, each one ran terrible and half ended up falling out before burning

First time customer

Me love long time

Will Try To Rip You Off

They will tell you a certain price (with tax) so you get money out of their ATM, only to find out it’s more and you need to get out more and pay more fees. Bullshit business practices and their selection definitely isn’t worth dealing with it.

Wax, Shatter, Live Resin oh my!

Hands down the best dispensary for concentrates in Denver. I happily drive an hour to go here when I need more dabs, they have deals when you buy 4, 6, or 8 grams usually coming out to less than $15/g for wax and shatter. They carry Colorado's top concentrate brands (Summit, CSC, Green Dot etc) so you know you're getting quality. Great location with helpful staff.

Great experience

Loved the cozy rooms they bring you back into. Had a great deal on flower. Will be back!


the quality of MOST flower is great however the prices are junk. prices set to quality is crap, I can get the same to better quality for almost half their price and at quite a few places, not just 1. botanico charges 37.75 or something after tax for 1/8th. I can get a mixed quarter for 35 out the door at 3 other dispensaries with great quality like botanicos reputation states they have. no point in coming here anymore unless prices drop. sorry not sorry


Not much to say. Great service, nice selection. Recommended.

private an cozy!

We came in late on a Friday night and had a wonderful first time experience and will be back again. the edibles were fairly priced. I like how you are brought into your own room! Cheers!

😂😂😂😂😂ur kidding me rite

they should catch up with the rest of Colorado in the next few never years ....super sucks that the prices are so high on such trash ass should be given away to the homeless if they'd take it....