Botanico- Adult Use

4.9 stars by 781 reviews
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4.9 stars

Wax, Shatter, Live Resin oh my!

Hands down the best dispensary for concentrates in Denver. I happily drive an hour to go here when I need more dabs, they have deals when you buy 4, 6, or 8 grams usually coming out to less than $15/g for wax and shatter. They carry Colorado's top concentrate brands (Summit, CSC, Green Dot etc) so you know you're getting quality. Great location with helpful staff.

Great experience

Loved the cozy rooms they bring you back into. Had a great deal on flower. Will be back!


the quality of MOST flower is great however the prices are junk. prices set to quality is crap, I can get the same to better quality for almost half their price and at quite a few places, not just 1. botanico charges 37.75 or something after tax for 1/8th. I can get a mixed quarter for 35 out the door at 3 other dispensaries with great quality like botanicos reputation states they have. no point in coming here anymore unless prices drop. sorry not sorry


Not much to say. Great service, nice selection. Recommended.

private an cozy!

We came in late on a Friday night and had a wonderful first time experience and will be back again. the edibles were fairly priced. I like how you are brought into your own room! Cheers!

😂😂😂😂😂ur kidding me rite

they should catch up with the rest of Colorado in the next few never years ....super sucks that the prices are so high on such trash ass should be given away to the homeless if they'd take it....

Way to screw up all your prices. Great flower

Your shelves used to be non existent 10/g Your was and shatter 10-15/g 20-30 for live Your edibles were amazingly priced I was told you didn’t have shelves because that was just a way to gouge people and you guys weren’t about that. I was pretty sure I wrote one review but it got deleted. Not my fault I’m pointing out your greed years after I first stepped foot in the store. Great flower doesn’t constitute greed and you were about proving great flower to everyone because they deserved it. Way to go back on your word or just forget the customers who helped build your reputation. Peace out botanico.
Botanico- Adult Use
Denver Downtown
I literally have no idea what this review is talking about, beyond seemingly written in an incoherent manner. Our flower ranges from $3.53 per gram to $12. We usually have about 16-20 strains to choose from. Our concentrates range from $12 per gram up. It's pretty obvious that this person has never been in or is simply trying to diminish our reputation for some reason.
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Didnt like there flower

Didnt like the flower they had. It didnt get me feeling any diff. i tryed 4 diff strains nonestood out. just my 2 cents and I have been blazing flower since 2006 so im not bullSh*ting
Botanico- Adult Use
Denver Downtown
We carry 16-20 strains of rotating flower all tested for potency and all priced based upon quality. Although strains vary in both quality and effectiveness per individual, it's unlikely that you tried 4 separate strains and felt no effect. Given not only our return policy, but the volume we would have sold of those 4 strains we would have received returns. Had that occured the strain would have pulled off the shelves. So basically what you're saying makes no sense and seems fabricated.
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Beautiful Shop!

Botanico is a beautiful boutique shop that offers an amazing variety of products along with great flower. Alonzo and the crew are kind and awesome. You will love your visit!

Best Service & Staff In Town

Botanico's staff is some of the most educated I've ever seen. They have the best customer service available.

Best of the Best

They seem to have some of the highest quality product around and comparable to the other dispensaries. They also have several locations around Denver.

Favorite Dispensary So Far!

Drove 3 hrs to come check this place out, plenty of dispensaries along the way. but were now looking to come here for all our Cannabis needs. Also had the pleasure of meeting the owner, great guy! took his time to tall to us and answer every question we had! 10/10 my best experience so far... looking forward to doing business with you again in!
Botanico- Adult Use
Denver Downtown
We appreciate your visit and are so happy you enjoyed your time at Botanico! Thank you for your kind words and your long drive to us! Take care and hopefully we'll see you again soon!
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The puffco

Great service, wonder atmosphere, very friendly staff!

Prices are out of whack

Let me start off by saying that the staff and facilities are always great. Never any issues there. When you are charging 87$ out the door for a gram of 710 percy.. absolutely ridiculous. I'll be driving another 5 min and getting it for 60 with tax still it seems. I was happy to see you carry 710 and wanted to support you guys but guess not. DONE.

The BEST atmosphere, selection, and crew!

A quick pickup counter, and two private rooms made this buying experience perfect! The staff is knowledgeable, and helpful, and I never felt like I was being rushed to buy something and get out. Highly recommend!

From a first time CO tourist...

Within 2 weeks of living in the area, Botanico was definitely my top choice out of all of the ones within walking distance of where I was staying. Definitely the most in-depth experience I’ve gotten while here on top of knowledgable, professional and cordial customer service. A little pricey in comparison to some other places and not as many deals without spending some money first but quality is on point and it’s an overall fantastic dispensary that I’d highly recommend.

Your deals aren’t even real deals.

Majority of them require a multiple gram purchase. Your 710labs coupon still leaves it at a higher price than most dispensaries before tax. Adjust pricing. Give real deals. Don’t upcharge crazy just because you wanted a nice location. Lol. Screw the packaging. Make it fire for deals. Also I copped a Mary’s medicinals cbd cartridge that never worked because they use those crappy carts that have their own airflow and aren’t worth the 25 cents they cost etc. cheap crap. Haha. I hit them up and botanico but never heard anything back. It was for an actual sickness too.
Botanico- Adult Use
Denver Downtown
Cartridges go bad every now and again, our return policy is quite simple, give us a call. Mary's Medicinals is also a highly respected brand. Although it's certainly possible that you can and will find certain products at a lower price, I can assure you that Botanico is not "at a higher price then most dispensaries." In fact, that's not even close to being correct. As far as 'upcharging based on a nice location", thanks, we like our location as well. However, Botanico is known state wide for having not only a massive product selection, but very, very competitive pricing. So really, there is no "upcharge".
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neighborhood discounts

We had a fantastic experience as first time clients at Botanica. Great staff! Not only was the service quick fast and fun, they offer a neighborhood discount and daily specials. This is our new local go to spot!

Quality is Slipping away

Have been a regular for sometime,trying to find parking and the excessive wait always knowing the quality was worth the time. Last 2 visits on flower,Bubba and Kosher found disappointing, to much competition out there.

High quality. Great prices

Very happy with my experience. Came in for 2g of shatter and only spent 32$ Amazing quality. The woman at the front was.. quiet to say the least, but the guy that tended my fiancé and I was incredibly friendly and very easy to talk to. My go to for concentrates.