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The Bloom Brand Green Crack BLOOM ONE is a convenient way to add a jolt to your day. Experience the delightful lemon-heavy terpene profile of Green Crack and let the Sativa-dominant effects of this strain uplift your mind and spirit. The Bloom Brand’s easy-to-use disposable vaporizer holds 300 mg of premium, ethenol-extracted Bloom Oil with 70% THC concentration.

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4 stars

Unbalanced Side Effects

Allow me to begin with a proclamation: "I have yet to find a better producer of oils than BLOOM!" When pulled slowly, the vapor enters the lungs with gentle kisses before leaving your coughs with a hint of various green candies. Unfortunately, the Green Crack strain riddled my body with side effects capable of overwhelming the expected, enjoyable high. Head rushes and unresponsive pupils ravaged me. Even in the mornings, with my last hit occurring the night before, I felt alarmingly light-headed. I only intend for this review to serve as a warning for those susceptible to a pure Sativa's unfortunate effects on their body. I don’t intend for this review to hurt the BLOOM brand in any way; for, According to the research done by myself, users, journalist, and scientists, BLOOM literally develops the best oils. Essentially, if you're prone to straight-Sativa-strain reactions, switch to BLOOM's Pineapple Express or Blue Dream.

fire og

Blooms Green Crack is FIRE!!!!

Full Pen, Dead Battery

When I hit this pen, I instantly loved it. The taste was great and not overwhelmingly herby, which is to my liking. But then...the battery DIED and the pen is FULL. I still have it and am hoping the dispensary I bought it at will exchange it for a working one; however, I worry that this purchase will become an overall dud because I bought the pen over a month ago and the shop is not likely to remember. SAD.

Green Crack

Blooms Green Crack is FIRE!!!!
Official Response

Super legit

I love this oil. It's the cleanest one I've found. In fact before discovering Bloom I no longer smoked vape for fear of the butane and random additives. The green crack has an amazing creative and stimulating high so it's one of my favorite sativas they offer. It's super convenient to take this with me on the go and when I travel. Love it!!
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Official Response
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