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Salina Dispensary - Bloomfield Industries - Salina/Syracuse

About Us

Our Values

Compassion: People first – always.
Providing compassionate access to a product that alleviates suffering means that all team members at Bloomfield are driven to deliver an experience of truly being cared for to those suffering from chronic medical conditions and debilitating diseases. Our intention is to enable patients to live productively with a better quality of life. Additionally, every Patient Resource Center is part of a community where we are committed to being good neighbors. We take our responsibility seriously for delivering a safe and caring experience – for everyone.
Quality: Expect the best – consistently.
Delivering quality products and service means that all team members at Bloomfield use their expertise, professionalism, scientific rigor, available resources, and ideas to deliver the best we have to give – again and again. Our intention is to deliver quality consistently – product after product and experience after experience. We also hold each other accountable to that standard because we want to be the organization that the world looks to for new standards.
Integrity: Our word is gold.
Saying what we mean, meaning what we say, and working collaboratively and respectfully is how all team members at Bloomfield stay true to our responsibilities: to patients, caregivers, healthcare practitioners, and the regulatory authorities of New York State. Our intention is to ensure clarity about expectations and seek consensus to promote trust. It starts with a promise and it continues by taking personal responsibility to get things done right.

11:00am -  5:00pm
11:00am -  5:00pm
11:00am -  3:00pm
1304 Buckley Road Suite 106,
Salina, NY, 13212
Member Since
January 15th, 2016

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