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NUG Lemonade Haze hits you with the scent of Limonene, a terpene also found in lemons that gives them a citrusy aroma and flavor. The sweet, citrus aromas hit your nose before this lovely lady hits you with a potent, uplifting high. This Hybrid is great when you need a cerebral boost that won't leave you couch locked. 

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    5 stars

    Nug Sativa's

    The Nug brand sativa strains all seem to be fairly great! Upon opening the jar your nose is greeted by the lemon smell you would expect from the name. Effects were pleasent, almost as good as the Premium Jack but did not work as well to reduce my anxiety. Definitely would pick up again, if available.

    Nice happy mellow high wakes me up ...

    Nice and sour burns smooth and smells nice..nugs are lovely... Good of you want to stay awake or need to be active or focused on tasks.
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