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Pat Pen continues to provide the greatest vape pen by offering a purity pledge assuring their 300mg Indica Cartridge vape pens arrive as 100% CO2 hash oil with added terpenes or enhanced vapor and aid in its mind-bending effects. Also avaiable in 600mg Cartridge.

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3.3 stars

Bad taste dont waste your money

Only bought cause that day i could only purchase 30-35 in carts. Budtender said it would get me high but the taste wasnt going to be pleasant. I SHOULD OF LISTENED. me and my lets try everything once mentality. It doesnt even get me high. Seriously there are better brands around for cheap.

Liking the Pat.......

I like the Pat Pen cartridges. I've tried over 20 of them in multiple strains and flavors and it has become my favorite cartridge brand. Tasty vape, solid buzz, and a good price if you shop around. Maybe I've been lucky, but no bad or non functioning cartridges so far. That's important if you're traveling 800 miles to stock up. No convenient returns, but none have been needed. I have no problem recommending this no fuss cartridge.


I bought an indica flavor from an Oasis Superstore in Denver and I haven't had the same experience as other brands. The tank does not give off enough smoke no matter what cape I use it with and it seems it is starting to clog as there is a cloudy like substance forming at the bottom of my tank.

Terpenes are very tasty in this hash oil.

I’ll keep it short, the euphoria is nice from this specific hash oil, a subtle sedation effect (I have bad anxiety so it’s hard to calm me down) it helps keep your mind clear definitely an all day smoke for me. If you want a very tasty hash oil that’s not hopping you for your money I’d say go for this brands hash oils.
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