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The Flower Collective now offers a Hybrid Bubble Joint to satisfy those in search of a cerebral buzz as well as a body stone. This wonderful joint is composed of five parts premium flower and one part Bubble Hash. This Hybrid Bubble Joint also packs quite a punch. Its euphoric high unravels quickly to pave the way for a full-bodied sense of relaxation that settles into what can only be described as oneness. That is, this stuff connects you to your world on a deeper level than you've experienced before. Get connected.

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5 stars

Wedding Cake

It took me 3 different sessions to finish, the first I got got super stoned after 4 hits walking my dog and knew I should put it out, second was an evening I don’t remember but hit it a few more times, and last finished it off one night with a friend. These are one the smoothest hitting joints, well filtered, packed perfectly, stanky and burns slow and even. Wedding Cake strain tested just over 30 percent THC and though it really hit me hard, I am excited to try the Sativa I got that’s Maui Wowie. Definitely recommend smoking these with a group or if it’s yourself you really can extend it like I did and I have a medium to high tolerance.
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