Chroma 500mg Cartridge


Non-strain specific

Pure THC distillate with Hybrid terpenes

WHEN YOU’RE ALL IN: Evolab’s #1 selling extract, Chroma offers an ultra-potent blend of cannabinoids and a standardized hybrid blend of terpenes so consumers can enjoy the same consistent experience they trust, day in and day out.

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4.1 stars


I've been a big fan for years and your latest product crush it!! If you have never tried the Evolab products, you're in for a treat. This is truly some of the most fire product I've encountered. If you are new, go slow. This is the real fire!

It's fire!

I got a couple chroma carts and I was really impressed. Good quality product with huge rips. Baked af after 3 puffs.

Just an FYI... 7/3/19 ! Product is nice BUT...

The manufacturer or distributor of this product screwed up (their words, not mine) and misapplied the grams for these products meaning yesterday I bought .5g and got charged on my MMCC for over 300g! So today I am -255.67g available & can’t go purchase anything I need... am missing holiday sales... & Evo/Harvest is telling me there’s nothing they can do, the dispensary has to fix it, & the dispensary is sending be back to Evo... go figure! It’s a nice cart but not worth all of this. Stay far away until they have this issue resolved !! Update 7/4: after much fighting w the dispensary they agreed to return the product & refund my $ which fixed my availability, thank god. The cartridge was really nice & i would definitely repurchase in the future once I’m assured this issue is fixed! But wouldn’t recommend True Wellness, Aberdeen MD to anyone!!

perfectly potent!

Like your vapes potent? Getcha some Chroma. Smooth, and got me perfectly high. Their new hardware is easy to use and you can refill it too.

Delicious blue razz flavored oil cartridges

Along with great quality products, TumbleWeed’s budtenders are very helpful, friendly, and can help you find whatever you are looking for!!

Quality. Consistent. Tasty.

I rip through A LOT of cartridges. My old brand was bought out by a canadian company & I’ve been on a constant search for a replacement.These cartridges are some of the better ones. They’re boarder line perfect on the taste. Blueberry is definitely my favorite. The potency is righteous too. I’ve done a lot of homework on carts. If they’re from Colorado...🤙🏽

Nothing Compares

The Chroma cartridge is the purest, cleanest and most potent oil I’ve ever encountered. I don’t know how people have ever knocked this product. Either they aren’t using it correctly or they’ve done too many dabs in their day. You can’t deny science and how Evolab has taken their knowledge and utilized it in every product they’ve produced. Thank you for being transparent with everything you make!

The worst of the worst!

I only smoke cartridges and my organic MMJ store ran out one day so I thought I’d try the Chroma as they are so highly rated...was more expensive but figured it would be ok. It was the most disgusting cartridge/s I have ever tasted. The “high” gave me a headache and it burned my throat so bad I had to throw away 2 cartridges, about $70-80. You couldn’t pay me to ever smoke whatever nasty chemicals are in that JUNK! I’ve tried tons of different cartridges and never, and I mean not even close, had one that was as disgusting, harsh and tasted like plastic like the almighty Chrapa cartridges! I wish I could give minus stars as i wasted my time and my money on an absolute joke of a product!
Hi there. We're sorry to hear you had an unpleasant experience with our cartridge. We do not use any chemical solvents or additives in any of our oils so this is very unusual to hear. Please shoot your message to our customer service team - - to see if they can assist you.
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This place is trash and the employees are terrible. AVOID this place at all cost.

My personal fav

I love how CBD has helped my anxiety and pain levels.

Chroma 🙏🏻🙌🏻


One of the Best

I've been using the Chroma cartridges for about a month now and they are by far some of the best carts out there. Price is reasonable, taste is on point, potency is out of this world - 3 hits and I was good to go for several hours. Highly recommend these!

Nice cartridges and STRONG oil

Chroma is one of my favorites. Reliable and always sends me to the moon.


Really like the chroma line. Strong tasty stuff. Wish they were using the CCELL cartridge/coils on their tanks and disposables vapes. Highly recommend the chroma line.

I'm in love...

Oh man I absolutely love this product. It treats me just fine. It's a real clean high. It has some weight to it, and the visuals are nice.


First hits tasted great got me fried but the coil burn in a day or too and made the wax taste terrible
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