Kitchen Sink Pre-Rolls | .8g*

Product description
Kitchen Sink Category: Indica Leaning Lineage: GMO x Sundae Driver Aroma/Flavors: Rich spicy and earthy aromas. Flavors of sweet and creamy nutty vanilla with a lightly fruity grape taste on the exhale. Patient's Report: Good for stress + pain + depression + headaches Notes & Effects: This strain comes on hard with quickly elevating your cerebral state. As you continue to fall into this borderline psychedelic state, waves of heavy body highs begin to wash over you. The couch lock is real. Breeder:The Heirloom Collective, Inc Test results may vary. Delivery Method: Inhalation Average Onset: 1-5 Minutes Average Duration: 1-4 Hours Starting Dose: 1 Puff
Pre RollSativa
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