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3.3 stars by 14 reviews
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3.3 stars

Don’t waste your time..

Been travelling all over Canada this month going to dispensaries and by far this is one of the worst, it’s like high school kids knowledge on weed ( burn to get high) all they know. Incompetent ASF

medicine is average.

have traveled all over BC finding gas. this place does not have it. the medicine they offer does not match up well with there prices. if they were charging 100 an oz I would maybe consider stopping by but for the price the quality is not there

this is not a dispensary

this is a clothing store. they do not sell cannabis products. I went there and wasted my time, dont waste yours.

medical marijuana medicine

really enjoy my time in the candy store learning and trying something new each time ... I lean more towards the indica , hash plant and indica dominant shatters and butters


Bekind has lived up to there name very friendly staff and great product would recommend


Love this place! The staff are phenomenal and have high quality products.

Didn't dare to smoke my purchase.

When I came home after purchasing flower from this "dispensary" I put a magnifying glass to it and it was filled with mold and spider mites. I asked a few different very knowledgeable people to make sure I wasn't mistaken and all confirmed I was right. I worry for everyone who NEEDS MEDICAL WEED to become more ill after visiting this place. The staff couldn't anwser any of my questions about the product and were rude. All the packaging look cheaps. The least professional "dispensary" I've ever been in.

1/8th of an oz is not 3g

Small selection of product, my dealer has more, and seemingly not a knowledgable staff when it comes to product and industry standards. Don't claim to be medical when your selling recreational, selling recreational is fine but if a patient new to medical marijuana went to your dispensary for their first time, id worry they wouldnt receive product information they need. Pricing is also high compared to the stores around them. Had a nice atmosphere and staff was very friendly however, what deters me from going back is high pricing on olay bud.
Bekind Okanagan Growers & Compassion Club
We're sorry to hear that your visit here did not meet your expectations. Although you may be under the impression that we are a recreational dispensary, this is not the case. We've been operating here for going on 9 years providing medical cannabis solutions to thousands of members across the Okanagan and the rest of the province and the country. Our prices have always been very competitive and reasonable and rarely exceed those of other local dispensaries. As far as medical claims go, we have to be very careful about what we say in regards to recommending something to you. You may not be aware, but it is actually against the law to make false medical claims of any kind.* The vast majority of information around cannabis is still anecdotal and therefore not scientifically proven fact. We do our best to help guide you to resources to help better inform yourself outside of our recommendations. Thank you for the kind words otherwise. I would hope that you will come see us again soon. *
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This was the first dispensary I had ever gone too so i I had nothing to compare too other than the streets and now that I have membership at every store front in town I can truly say this place is ghetto. Signs on the walls looking for growers that can supply them. Chem filled herb that gives you head stones. The shatter is ever representative of The sample and is of he lowest quality unstable in house I've ever seen. You have to wait your turn in que and go behind a sketchy curtain where you are forced to make your decision with little to no help and what feels like a time pressured situation. Hurry up. Give us your money and get out of here so we can sell to the next person. went when I didn't know any better and now Iam surprised a store like this stays open. Sorry for the negative review but it was an honest one
Bekind Okanagan Growers & Compassion Club
Hello, as a representative of BeKind, I'd like to fill you in on a few details. a.) We only work with MMAR, MMPR, and ACMPR approved growers. We have built relationships with our suppliers and always welcome the possibility of new business opportunities to growers who may not have an outlet. If you are not a licenced grower, that signage doesn't apply to you and in no way should offend you. b.) We only bring in product that is grown free of harmful pesticides and chemicals. If you are having a negative reaction to any of the products, perhaps they are not the right ones for you. We always recommend to purchase a smaller amount of product first to see how it works for you. Everyone will react a differently to different products. c.) The same rules and standards apply to our shatter and . If you feel the product is subpar in any way or non-representative of the samples, then you should bring your concerns directly to the staff. d.) The "sketchy" curtain is now be done away with and replaced with a completely renovated retail space with glass counters and product displays. The purpose for the curtain in the past was purely for member privacy. We are pioneers of sorts in the Okanagan, having been now open for 8+ years. Things have changed rapidly over that time and being able to meet the new standards of dispensaries in places like Vancouver is not always easy when the RCMP have the choice to enforce their mandates how they choose. As business owners/operators, it is a big step to decide to make store improvements when there is a chance you could be shut down the next day. e.) If you felt in any way rushed, I would apologize that our old set-up at that time may have made you feel that way. Having been established as long as we have been, we have an extremely large membership base and so at peak hours it can be very busy and absolutely feel rushed. If you want to have a conversation with staff to learn more about using cannabis, you are always welcome to ask for the help. With a lobby full of other members it can become difficult to address everyones issues properly in the order window area, hence the renovations. As a new member, you agree in our policy and code of conduct form to have patience with our staff and members. Please keep this in mind. I would welcome you to come back to see the newly updated storefront. We do our best to help serve all our members and their needs to the best of our abilities. We hope to see you again in the future and that hopefully we can fulfill your future needs with us.
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I just had an awesome experience with BeKind - they're very helpful and super chillll, ready to hook a customer up! The service is fast (v important) and the meds are worth the splurge! Definitely coming back and recommending!
Bekind Okanagan Growers & Compassion Club
Thank you so much for the kind words! We hope to see you again soon!
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I had the best experience with Bekind and their staff!!! Very knowledgeable and very helpful... I will continue to use their services... Great Job Guys!!!

Top Notch

Some of the best bud around! will definitely be returning!

Fantastic Club!

I have been a member of BeKind for a number of years and have had nothing but a great experience with them. They have been one of the longest running clubs I know of and have likely paved the road for many recent dispensaries to begin to pop up in the Okanagan. Unlike dispensaries, BeKind is a Compassion Club and offers additional member services including a food bank and lounge so members can use their medicine safely and away from landlords or roommates who may not approve. BeKind has the ABSOLUTE lowest prices of any dispensary I’ve ever been to. Some of the concentrates are literally HALF the price of other places and the same if not even better quality. Although their selection of flower may not be as wide as other places, it is far more consistent. I can count on getting the same quality every time I come in. I’ve been told all the edibles are done in-house. The often have new items other places don’t and they are also consistent and very delicious; they do not taste like cannabis oil like many other places tend to. The staff has always been very knowledgeable and helpful in providing me with answers and if they don’t have them, they have no problem is helping point me in the right direction or take the time to find out. I hope they continue to serve me in the years to come, especially as legalization begins to roll out next year!


After a recent visit to this dispensary i am sorry to say that their meds are very POOR. I purchased some Fuckin' Incredible that was anything but....Their "candy-kush" definitely is NOT the kandy-kush from reserva-privada..... VERY disappointing..... i called ahead to see if they even had meds, they told me that "their phone was tapped" so they cannot give information of their current stock.....then why do dispensaries in VAN do it? Come on people its LEGAL in washington, i feel like the Southern Interior is living in the STONE AGE (and not the stoned-age) :) i appoligize for coming off HARSH but seriously you guys are a MARIJUANA DISPENSARY dedicated to providing those in pain with QUALITY meds.....not garbage that doesn't burn and tastes like butt-holes :( sincerely pissed off, O
Bekind Okanagan Growers & Compassion Club
Hello Owoolcox We've only recently joined Weed Maps, so our apologies for the delayed response and that your experience did not meet your expectations. Perhaps I can provide some clarity for you. Many suppliers can grow the same strain with very different results. The characteristics expressed by any strain can differ based on many variables present in the growing environment and as such may not be consistent with what you may expect. Strains are commonly known as genotypes and their variation in characteristics would be known as a phenotype. You are always welcome to discuss these points when acquiring your medicine here. Our budtenders are always happy to give you insight into any of the strains we carry. As you may or may not know, technically Compassion Clubs and Dispensaries are in fact illegal and are still not federally regulated. Because of this, our staff have adhered to a policy in the past to limited phone discussion about the products we carry. They know to maintain a level of professionalism and would make you aware of this policy were you to ask about our products. Vancouver and Washington are lucky to have introduced their own regulation which allows them to have been able to more freely speak on these things. It is unfortunate, but in order to continue to provide you service we have to be sure to legally protect you and ourselves. I would recommend you contact your local Member of Parliament to discuss your concerns about the current laws. BeKind is a Compassion Club and is absolutely dedicated to providing the highest quality products to our members. Since 2013 we have improved leaps and bounds and will continue to do so. The majority of our products are produced in-house so that we can maintain a high and consistent standard. We scrutinize and test all other products that come in from outside sources to be sure they are always top grade. If you have any issues or concerns in the future about medicine you've acquired here, you are welcome to contact us by email, phone, or directly in person to discuss how we can best help you.
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