Barney's Uptown Coffeeshop

Barney's Uptown Coffeeshop

4.4 star average rating from 5 reviews
Western Main Canals and Jordaan, Noord Holland
In-store purchases only
In-store purchases only



5 reviews

5 stars

awesome coffeeshop

this is open... the bar and coffeeshop ... why weedmaps says closed??? awesome staff and weed / food in both places... fair prices.... everything 10 outta 10 make sure you visit!
5 stars

Greatest Coffeeshop in Damsco!

My favorite place in Damsco to smoke weed and have a beer. Great place!!! (:
11 years ago
4.4 stars

Tangerine Dream

Its really nice to puff and have breakfast.... Definitely an Amsterdam staple....A MUST GO for ganja people!
11 months ago
4 stars


Like this place, weed an d food, perfect!
8 years ago
3.6 stars

Quality high, location great

Staff likes to play favorites with some customers as opposed to others. Did not know about proposed "15%" regulation and could not answer questions on other curiosities (why no lab testing? why can half tobacco joints be sold but not blunts or blunt wraps? Etc.) so knowledge seems more promotional than truly in depth. Out of the particular hash i was interested in but had a perfectly viable substitute. Awesome bar/smoking area across the street and place to see the plants themselves. A little snobby but deservedly so.