Bahama Buds

3.7 stars by 19 reviews
dispensary Coos Bay, Oregonrecreational
(541) 808-9420
Open Now 9:00am - 9:50pm

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3.7 stars

No menu!

No menu on website... no menu on Weedmaps... what the heck?

Management ruined it for me.

I must be honest, I initially like this place. I like their selection & budtenders, but found them a little on the pricey side. That was until I went down there because of a deal that they had posted online. When I got there & went to pay for the flower, they told me a price that was twice as much as posted online. When I showed the girl behind the counter, she went & got the boss. He proceeded to look at the price online listed online and then the price listed on their packaging, then said that the price online was wrong. He then walked back to his office and shut the door. He never said sorry, offered any sort of redress for my inconvenience, or even stay long enough for me to respond. He gave me thirty seconds and five words for a mistake of their's that doubled my cost. Their are too many places that are actually thankful to get my money to go somewhere that thinks that little of their customers. Keep looking is my recommendation.


Winner of Best Overpriced Dispensary In Coos Bay

Look every industry has to have their tourist traps. Bahama Buds is the tourist trap of Coos Bay. You can get high quality bud for much more reasonable prices elsewhere.


overpriced in my opinion

Great Experience

Friendly staff and everyone is very knowledgeable!


I've only been in this town a month-and-a-half and I moved here from Las Vegas. trying to find a decent dispensary that I can use full time I have tried different dispensaries around town. these are definitely not the lowest price and even at 450 a gram, which I only bought a couple of grams to see what the product would be like coming out of that store it was very dry and crumbled like dust! thanks guys that's one cell you won't be making again.

best shop in the area

..but kinda impolite customer service recently. I used to buy all my weed from them. I guess their target market are younger, hipper. they always have great strains. prices have gone up recently. nicely manicured bud. by far the nicest in town in my opinion. I guess ill be back, but will be shopping around.

Friendly and helpful

We stopped here on the way home to California from Washington. The first budtender was helpful but may be new, as he didn't know nearly as much as the other guy who ended up helping us. I would have liked a better tincture selection (namely, with more THC content), but overall the selection was good, prices seem comparable, and the second guy who helped us was very knowledgeable.

Migraine Relief

Bahama Buds gets 5 plus starts from me. I have suffered with life long migraines accompanied with difficulty sleeping. This wonderfully educated team has helped me find relief. They are all about customer service and have given me a true education on the medicinal uses of their products. The location is ideal and the store possesses a relaxed, clean and welcoming atmosphere. I am grateful I found them...Thank you Bahama Buds!!!

My Favorite Pot Shop

Really good selection, great prices, nice flower that is stored well, weighed in front of you, you pay for exactly the quantity you get. Lovely friendly staff. Cool shop, clean but welcoming. Absolutely great quality flower every time, at fair prices. Thank you!


visiting from another state big thanks to david for helping me out

Not bad!

Clean, well lit store with easy parking. It’s a great place for interesting edibles like coffee, honey, pesto, and hot sauce. Their edible and vape prices are average - no major price gouging going on here. I don’t buy flower much so I can’t speak on that. Staff is alright but the layout of the store is awkward. Shelves of snacks, condiments, soap, and other stuff that falls somewhere between late night munchies and vacation gift shop. There’s also racks of clothing that feel like they take up a solid third of the shop. Most weed shops have a lot of dead space since the marijuana needs to be behind a counter so I don’t fault them for trying to figure out how to fill it up. Also it’s on the main drag and feels like a tourist destination with their brightly colored building and collection of neat finds inside. This might be their target audience and that’s totally fine. :D

Great Dispensary!

Nice shop with a great selection. I mainly purchase vape products and was pleased to see they had what I wanted. Clean store with pleasant staff and great customer service. I’ll be returning for sure.


Super awesome staff, even better selection of flower and concentrate. Great knowledge, supplies and more!!!

just no.

I was excited when they first opened because it's great location and it looked really nice inside. sadly this places has mediocre bud at best and are priced through the roof. The staff was nice but as someone else had mentioned they don't know much about the product. wouldn't suggest this place.

Nicest dispensary in Coos Bay!

If your looking for a quality product at affordable rates this is the place. 40 plus flower strains available from top farms such as Primo farms, Tko, devils lettuce, S&J farms, and three fingers to name a few. My personal favorite is Tko. They also carry a wide variety of top quality extracts, and edibles. The bud tenders and staff are friendly and knowledgeable my overall experience in this dispensary has been great. The bar has been set for a quality experience. Off to the next.

Love this place

Great vibe here. Felt comfortable the second I walked in. Prices were good got a $5 gram and a $10 gram tasted great loved the purple Hindu kush for $5. Budtenders were nice ken helped me. That phisin person who reviewed doesn't know what he/she is talking about. Their prices are the same as everyone else in town. Person just sounds like a grouch he put a bad review on everyone in town.


the worst price for flowers ever the bud tenders know nothing you can the same bud anywhere for half ther price