American Mary

4.1 stars by 21 reviews
dispensary Seattle, Washingtonrecreational
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4.1 stars

ORDER NOW (325) 261-9746

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They didn't inform me correctly

I purchased a concentrate yesterday from this shop, it was on sale. I asked why is it cheaper than the other products of the same brand, and they replied that "we had a good deal when we bought this batch". After I left the shop I realized that it was packed on 7/31/2018 and expiring on 7/31/2019. Today I went there again to get a refund or some exhange, but they weren't helpful, and they did not take any responsibility about the product they sold to me yesterday, which was still in its pack just as I bought it. They said "it's the law".

Employees make a difference.

I’m afraid I’m going to stop coming to this place as the girl who works there Saturday evenings is incredibly rude, and not at all knowledgeable about product....although clearly a fan of the product I feel more than that is required to be a bud tender.

Stupid "vertical" IDBS

Refused to serve me directly or indirectly through my friend because my legal drivers license was not horizontal, regardless of the fact it clearly states I am 24. Bad business regardless of it was the "owners rule" he was not there, I jumped through hoops to get my friend to come buy for me, it is stupid I can't even talk to him or approach the counter when we all know I am a legal paying customer. Not impressed and the worst cannabis purchasing experience I have had in upwards of 5 years



Perfect service

I went 4/7/19 in the evening and the nice human that helped us made such a positive impression. I hope to encounter him again.

Awesome place. Great Weed.

Heya I just walked in from California/Nevada super spaced out and the women was super patient with me. I didn’t mean to tune her out but I was tunnel visioned for specific flower companies. I should of listened to her from the get go because I realize she was hustling the good stuff not just the stuff that they need to get rid of. All In all its a 5/5. Great weed/ Great Staff what more do you want?

Great Staff, Great Selection

This place is my go-to pot shop and I love it! The staff here knows me by name, the place is super chill, and they carry fire that the bigger shops don't carry.

Awesome Staff - fast, helpful, polite

Helped right away with our questions answered. The staff was polite, informative, and concise. Prices weren’t bad either, although the ATM fee was the standard 3.00.

Awesome Store

The staff here is friendly, welcoming, and always trying to find you what you need. Been shopping here since it opened and it’s still one of my favorite stops.

Best bud spot ever!!!!!!!!!

by far the best staff bud and prices of any shop in Seattle. My vape cartridge wouldn’t work and these guys made it right no questions asked. Bomb weed every time I visit with the cheapest prices! Even better with their rewards program! If your reading through reviews you can stop here because you don’t need to go anywhere else!

American Maryme haha

Look when i lived in Seattle i was a regular customer. They got bomb prices and bud. Nigerian haze gorilla glue #4 i could go on and on. As far as the Racism comment they are NOT racist you retards. im spanish and the security guard thats their five days a week is Jamaican so....Also thos little white girls in there love me. And as far as thr black lives matter on the side that was their for two years time for a change. Black people think the world owes them WE DONT suck it up and smoke a blunt.

Do not go here

This place is racist. When confronted with their racism, they hide behind ignorance. That doesn’t fly.

scared to take a stance.

they do not support the #blacklivesmatter movement. American Mary has decided to cover up a mural in support of #blm. we can decide to stop giving them our business.


Friendly staff and super helpful. Very laid back. Nice variety of products, little bit of everything plus a lot of different bud.


New to Seattle & so loved this store!! Tucker helped me out, explained everything to me. The selection was far more vast than I expected, will definitely be returning & highly recommend!!

They rock

Just stopped in while passing through town. Great shop, great staff, great product. 5 stars.


Great place

this place is great

check it out!!!

Best place in town, for real!!

I looked all over the town for the best quality for dollar, and American Mary far exceeds all other stores I have been to. The store itself is in a great location , love the area , I have never been bothered by anyone around there, very safe feeling, day or night. Some stores say they have this or that, but their product is mostly filler. AM has the choice buds, as if you would have picked the ones you wanted yourself. Never has it been dry, or leafy, and I enjoy the dab concentrate they have as well. The staff have always helped me understand what I was buying and I believe I get the maximum out of what ever it was I bought because of their knowledge of product. No matter how many customers they have, the staff always makes me feel they are doing what they can to help, and they are super friendly. Best prices for the best Buds in town, is the short of it, I highly recommend it to anyone, as I have seen a number of different ages ( all over 21 of course ) go in and enjoy what American Mary have to offer.