Alpine Wellness

4.3 stars by 23 reviews
dispensary Telluride, Coloradorecreational
(970) 728-1834
Closed10:00am - 6:00pm

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4.3 stars

Great shop rocking Telluride

The Telluride dispensary scene is pretty awesome and Alpine Wellness is a big part of that. Grady and the crew are super helpful and have created a great atmosphere for shopping cannabis. The displays are clean and the variety is there. Nice job Alpine!


They have hands down the best concentrate prices in town. Nowhere else can you buy a gram of shatter/wax for 20g or live resin for 30g. The flower is also the best quality in town. Maybe not quite the cheapest, but definitely not the most expensive. All organic, pesticide free. Do your lungs a favor and stop smoking the schwag down at Bud Co or Green Dragon and come smoke this smooth alternative. You won’t have to smoke near as much to feel the same effects, believe me. They also have CBD rich strains which is a big plus.

First time

It was my first time in a dispensary in Telluride and my experience was interestingly pleasant at Alpine Wellness. I was greeted by a receptionist who checked my id and went into another room that opened into the store. I was helped by a woman, Jan (?) who gave me the layout of the store and gave me time to browse and take it all in. I wasn't quite sure where to start so I appreciated Jan's recommendations of trying buds and edibles that were special and unique to Alpine Wellness. I left with a eighth of pipe dream and a peanut butter fatty (tastes like a Reese's) and later in the week tried a caramel original ganjula. Another woman Linda recommended putting the ganjula in my coffee which was very good. The pipe dream bud or "flower" as they say was perfect for my time spent in Telluride. I really think it says a lot when the sellers try not to over sell you and make sure the amount is enough and not too much for my visit. I was encouraged to visit the other dispensaries in town but the Alpine Wellness has my vote. Honest and thoughtful customer service and great weed!

Great experience decent product

So stopped by today (3/10/17) and my experience was awesome. Miranda is a very knowledgeable awesome bud tender. The store is set up very well; a seriously welcoming environment. The extracts are a little lack luster. If you guys linked up with other MIP holders you will be better off. You have great product so maybe link up with some other Denver companies and introduce new product; fresh frozen, rosin, distilate, etc. Anyways, your product could definitely be processed in new ways, it's perfect for it. So back to my shopping experience. I purchased jaberwocky and Sasquatch. Both were great. The Sasquatch is very solid. The jaberwocky was a little hermied out (seed growth in bud) but never the les it was a good smoke. I would guess y'all are growing in green house with supplement lighting. Whatever your set up is it is solid and I dig the product. Only thing I would say is maybe process your hermied batches.

Best Staff around. Respect for their mission

I really doubt that the best staff in town would deny a glass of water to a customer, less likely a Tourist like this guy down here.... This folks are definitely the most community oriented dispensary and their owners are amazing. Shop with confidence. Alpine's got it.

Not true to the Telluride Crowd

Wish the staff could have exerted more energy towards showing me around. The staff denied me of a cup of water.

Great Weed, Great People, Great Price!

Sara was super friendly and super helpful. Great quality bud and edibles, specially the Terrapin Turtle Bites! Thus far, the best prices in Telluride, with plenty of options. The Rec room had plenty of beautiful glass for sale in addition to some less expensive, get you through the weekend, pieces. Nice, spacious waiting room and plenty of standing room around the counter. ATM inside too!! Thank you Sara and Alpine Wellness for an awesome dispensary experience.

awesome staff

always a friendly, awesome helpful staff on duty to help me find what i'm looking for. clean, organized location, great quality bud, you definitely get what you pay for

Alpine wellness. 5 stars

This is my favorite dispensary in town. I have lived here for 7 years and Alpine is by far my go to when I'm in need. Their bud quality is excellent at least on the medical side and very affordable prices for top shelf medicine. Very friendly staff and knowledgeable. Always welcome with a smile. Alpine is where it's at.

Great Bud & Edibles! Super Cool Vibes!Local fave!

Been to this shop several times and will continue to return... I've been to all the shops in Telluride and many in other CO cities, and I have to say this is one of the best, most consistent experiences I've had buying weed. The second time I walked in the door the girl at the front desk remembered my name and warmly welcomed me, checked my ID (as they are required to do every time), and sent me immediately into the shop with no wait. I've visited during busy times and the staff is quick & efficient, while still taking time to answer questions and make recommendations. I've also been there during slower times and had both of the bud tenders absolutely crack us up for a solid 5 minutes, then flip the switch back to super-serious and knowledgeable when it came to answering my many questions about smokables, edibles, CBDs and all things cannabis-related. These guys know their stuff--and without coming off as condescending to those who aren't particularly schooled in the world of marijuana. This shop has an "old friends" vibe that makes you want to come in just to hang out. As far as the selection, they easily have the best in the area-- Beautifully cured bud that is grown locally, (love the Candyland and SFV OG), their own line of delicious and effective edibles; also made locally (try the Hippie Chow!), tons of cool swag (CO apparel as well as their own jars, shirts, etc), topicals, tinctures, and some of the coolest glass i've ever seen.... This is my favorite store to bring my out-of town friends to show off how awesome Telluride is!

Local Favorite/Cannabis Curious Visitor MUST SEE

In an ever evolving industry, Alpine Wellness is a leader for sure in recreational/medical cannabis retail. I love the knowledge and friendliness of staff, the welcoming fun vibe, the colorful/flowy renovation of the shop, and oh yeah, the tasty bud!!! I was pleased about the retirement of waivers and id badges that one had to fill out/wear initially in January, but walk in today and it's a simple ID check at the reception desk and you're in to shop hassle free! Neat streamlined displays of marijuana essentials when you wander into the actual shop area. Flower galore, rolling papers, breathtaking glass, Pax Vaporizers, tinctures, Mary Jane topicals, old school, house-made edibles, good lookin' apparel and more to discover each visit. I get a great local discount that takes the edge off of recreational tax, and a sale over the Fourth of July offered some good deals for the general public. $10 1 gram pre-roll (tax included) for example, and $80 1/4's of a variety of strains. Not Denver prices possibly, but not much in Telluride really is, plus it is exceptional product and customer service. They talk me through my selections if I want, recommending strains after listening to my questions and ailments and checking the weight of pre-weigh jars to make sure I'm getting full bang for my buck. Telluride itself is an incredible forward thinking place, and Alpine Wellness speaks to the overall experience quite positively. Check it out! And try the Hippie-Chow! A personal favorite.

Ripped off

First time newbie, bought and paid for a 1/4 only to find out later that they ripped me off - only gave me an 1/8. I know better now! Also didn't like their attitude and that they record your info into their data base.


We purchased 1/8 of Urkle a 1/16 of blue dream and two cookies 25mg/per. Upon Arrival entry area was unmanned. We walked all the way back to the sales counter before being corralled back and talked into signing some waiver and forced to wear our IDs on our chest like a vistor in jail. When purchasing, we felt rushed. There were five people in the store, three were employees and we were the two.There was little to no knowledge on the buds but they acted like they knew just about everything. No strain backgrounds, No taste profile, no THC/CBD testing or higher potency edibles. Just...."Um yeah it gives you a body high....this is a helmet high" type of verbal profiling. I scaled the 1/8 at 3.26g The 1/16 at 1.69g My scale is accurate to the 1000th of a gram. The cookies were completely crap. Dry, tasteless, NOT POTENT. My wife is an average smoker and ate both, No effect. WASTE OF MONEY!!! The buds were powder dry. This is the bud you take to the bar where Im from and smoke everyone up on. JUST BECAUSE TO SELL....SHOULD BE A CRIME. BONE DRY! No high from Heavy Sativa strain what so ever. Blue Dream. Very Tiny High from the Urkle. Will never go back, and will advise all to avoid.

The best in telluride

i went in last week and shopped there the owner and staff was awesome thats where i will do my shopping from here on out thanks alpine

Save Yourself the Aggravation

Alpine Wellness was the worst experience my husband and i have ever experienced and we are daily (non-medicinal) users who have bought bud from many other sources. The staff at Alpine Wellness seem to have a holier than thou type attitude. It's as if they have a big head because they are one of the few shops around open for recreational use, at the moment. They seem to think we have to go to them like we have no other options. My husband and I ended up leaving after reviewing the supply they had without buying a thing. They showed us a pre-packaged eighth that looked way smaller than an eighth and they wanted 100 dollars for that itty bitty bit of cannabis. It honestly would have been a couple bowls worth of weed and they were asking what a quarter costs on average. Waaaay overpriced, my suspicion and the feeling I got was that they were price gouging. We took our money and went down the street to Telluride Bud Company and bought some excellent grape ape and a strain of sativa known as big band from the owner himself who was very grounded and respectful as well as knowledgeable. I also want to mention that Adam himself measured out two eighths (1/8 sativa and 1/8 indica which equals a quarter in whole) in front of us, it wasn't pre-packaged so we could see clearly that we were actually getting a full quarter. Not to mention a quarter ounce at Telluride Bud Company ran us just under 100 dollars after taxes. Very reasonable if you ask me. Save your time, money, and aggravation and head on over to a more professional shop like TBC, skip going to Alpine Wellness.

Great flower & edibles

This is by far my favorite weed shop in Telluride. There prices are $25 per 1.75g for top shelf, $30 for premium shelf (not including any tax). Their pre-rolled joints are the BEST IN TOWN ($12 per 1g)! The staff were very friendly and let us inspect several of the strains. Their brownies were the best, I slept for 14 hours after eating one. I didn't see an elevator, but once you get onto the second floor the shop is wheelchair accessible.

Great selection

Best selection of bud,edibles, and hash in teluride.

The Best store in Telluride.

The quality of product and service at this shop is unmatched in Western Colorado. I love this shop and the people that run it.

Finally an OASIS!

The medical marijuana industry in Colorado is filled with people of questionable moral standing, ethics, and business practices. Alpine Wellness of Telluride, CO is the OASIS in the MMJ desert here in Colorado. Alpine Wellness is unique in that they see each and every patient as an individual with unique needs and wants. When you walk into their dispensary you can sense right away that something is different. The staff is caring, interested, dynamic, warm, vibrant and most of all professional Go and feel the difference. I guarantee that you will feel part of the family right away. They only sell the highest quality products, and provide prompt service tailored to each and every individual. They are eager to earn your business and once you give them the opportunity they are dedicated to provide your medicine for years to come. Do yourself a favor and go check them out!

If there is ever a prize awarded for dispensary wi

...Alpine Wellness should win unanimously. The view from the bud counter is almost as mind blowing as the product. And the product is absolutely glorious. A plentiful selection from bottom shelf shake up to mid grade shelves that culminate in four or five jars of top shelf 'dro. If you're the type of person who checks out the bottom shelf goods, we probably have very different dispensary routines. I go for the best first--everytime. Don't get me wrong, almost every dispensary has great bud at a bargain on their middle shelves. Some places, like 14er Holistics in Boulder (which is in my top 5 favorites) set prices based on cost to acquire, not quality, but they're very up front about this fact. If a store is gonna rank their nuggets based on quality, I'm only gonna look at what they call their best. I chose some cantaloupe haze and it worked admirably after a long day on the mountain. The blueberry was fluffy and had a more noticeable berry flavor than any sample I can recall. Let me preface this next part by saying that I am NOT one of those guys who raves about atmosphere/friendliness. I'm there to purchase cannabis, not find a life companion so as long as you're cordial, I'm happy. That being said, the dudes at AW went above and beyond. No, they went further than that. They went above, beyond, past, over, and higher. From making me feel welcome on a first visit to remembering my name the next day, these guys know how to treat the customers. Yes, you read right, they remembered my freakin name. The actual kind of remembering, not just a remember-it-when-the-computer-does kind of remember. ps ask them about the original Dali art that adorns the shop