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Kassel Dispensary - Adler-Apotheke

About Us

Adler Apotheke is a Kassel Medical Marijuana Pharmacy


Adler Apotheke serves patients from Kassel and the surrounding areas, offering a variety of treatments including medical cannabis prescriptions and more to those in need. Whether newly prescribed medical marijuana or seeking nutrition or counseling aid, Adler Apotheke promises to offer the best medical service possible to every visitor.


Adler Apotheke prioritizes education at their pharmacy, offering a large range of resources for their patients to explore, and always making the time to explain different treatments or aspects of conditions to visitors to their pharmacy. They plan on fulfilling medical marijuana prescriptions, allowing their Kassel patients to fill their cannabis prescription with a written doctor’s order containing the specified dosage and type of marijuana treatment. Whether using traditional pharmaceuticals or homeopathic remedies, Adler Apotheke provides a myriad of treatment options for a wide spectrum of health concerns coupled with individualized, dedicated care.


Service Locations:

Adler Apotheke houses their pharmacy in eastern Kassel, aiding patients from throughout nearby communities. Visitors are welcomed from across the Kassel, Süd, Wesertor, Wehlheiden, Vorderer Westen, Rothenditmold, Nord-Holland, Fasanenhof, Waldau, Niestetal, Papierfabrik, Fuldatal, Vellmar, Kirchditmold, Niederzwehren and Oberzwehren communities.


Location Information:


Kassel lies along the Fulda River, in the northern region of Hesse, Germany. Kassel is home to the Auestadion stadium, nearby Karlsaue Park and able to hold nearly twenty thousand onlookers. Fuldaaue Park in southern Kassel offers plentiful walking paths and riverside views, while the BergPark Wilhelmshohe hosts ancient and antique exhibits in its art museum. The Museum Fur Sepulkralkultur contains middle-age artifacts, and from the Universitat Kassel to the Park Schonfeld, Adler Apotheke dedicates their work to their medical cannabis and pharmacy patients.


8:30am -  6:30pm
8:30am -  6:30pm
8:30am -  6:30pm
8:30am -  6:30pm
8:30am -  6:30pm
9:00am -  1:30pm
Wilhelmsstraße 5
Kassel, HE, 34117
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March 9th, 2017

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